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The Danish company Panzer Glass demonstrated the effectiveness of its screen protection at the MWC with a hammer blow. A striking argument.

If fairs like MWC 2023 are full of concepts, each one more confusing and abstract than the next, it must also be recognized that certain brands do not hesitate, on the contrary, to find concrete. This is the case of Panzer Glass, a Danish company that has been selling screen protectors for smartphones for about ten years.

The least we can say is that the company of just over 150 employees has found a powerful way to get people talking about it. Her demonstration hits the mark and attracts to her, in her little stand, all the curious who pass by her.

Glass and plastic protection

To test the success of their solution, protesters simply spend their days hammering a poor phone. Finally, the latter is not so bad in the end, since from what we have seen, its screen is completely impeccable. Even the use of a mallet and a cutter cannot pass the wall represented by the glass developed by the brand. Convincing.

The installation of the protection seemed very simple to us: it was enough to stick it on the screen. The demonstrator assured us that it was possible to stick and remove the same protection 120 times. What to see coming.

The glue is also one of the four layers that make up the building. Above, there is a layer of polymer that prevents the screen from being damaged in the event that the glass finally breaks, then glass endowed with properties that the company obviously wants to keep secret, and finally a layer that makes it easier to slide the glass. finger.

For smartphones with curved edges, such as the Galaxy S23 Ultra with which the photos illustrating this article were taken, the brand also offers plastic solutions, which are less resistant. You can also find protections for watches or tablets on their site. Count around 35 euros for a screen protector on a Galaxy 23 or an iPhone 14.

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