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As every year, Google presents the Developer Preview of its next major version of Android in the first weeks. Here is Android 14 DP1.

The front of the Pixel 7. // Source: Frandroid – Chloé Pertuis

Google calendar is now perfectly mastered. In February, the firm presents the new major version of the Android system and rolls out Developer Preview 1 for application creators. So here comes the era of Android 14.

Developer Preview, Beta and final version

The launch of this first version is also an opportunity for Google to remember its calendar. It has not changed from 2022. In February and March, Google is in its Developer Previews phase, with essentially substantive changes to the system and to the APIs.

The most interesting comes from April with the first Beta versions that integrate the main news of Android 14 for users. Then, starting in the summer, Google will offer more stable versions before rolling out a stable version of the system at the start of the school year with its partners. This is essentially what the change schedule for Android should be in the coming months.

What’s new in this Developer Preview 1?

According to Google, Android 14 builds on the work done by Google on Android 13 and Android 12L to better support different device form factors: smartphones with folding screens, tablets, etc. For Android 14, the keyword will be synchronization between devices in the ecosystem, starting with better management of audio devices.

The Android 14 logo is a reference to the Apollo 14 mission 14

Android 14 also includes security changes, including the removal of support for apps that still target versions earlier than Android 6.0. It was with this version that Google introduced a new permissions system. By targeting earlier versions, the developers escaped this restriction.

This Developer Preview 1 is primarily intended for application creators. Among other important changes, there is a change in the operation of the alarms, the developers will have to request authorization from the user, since they can consume resources and lower the autonomy of the device. We can also mention the support for Java 17 or the possibility of bringing the source to 200%, which will require interface adaptations for developers.

What Google pixels are supported?

This first developer preview is reserved for Google smartphones. It is possible to install it now on the following devices:

We can note that the Google Pixel 4a released in September 2020, therefore, it is not affected by Android 14 at the moment.

Currently, the installation is done by flashing the system image on the phone. An operation reserved for experienced users.

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