Stadia is dead, but Google has one last piece of good news for its controller

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Google is rolling out support for Bluetooth LE to its Stadia controller. This (latest) piece of good news proves that the driver will outlive the service it was supposed to support, and is in fact dead.

Google Stadia is dead and buried, but luckily not its controller // Source: Unsplash – Cristiano Pinto

Shut down for good on January 18 by Google, Stadia will have faded in the field of cloud gaming services… but its controller will survive. As promised last week, the Stadia controller now benefits from support for Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) necessary for its compatibility with a maximum of devices (consoles, smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.).

In the process of being deployed since November 17, this novelty should therefore ensure good sustainability for Google’s controller, which is fully committed to opening up to other horizons. A consolation prize that Stadia fire users will have to make do with, while returns of content purchased on the service are encountering many problems.

How to install Bluetooth LE support on your Stadia controller?

If you still have your Stadia controller and want to activate its new Bluetooth features, the operation is not very complicated. Go to Google’s Stadia page to get started. You will then be prompted to connect the controller to your PC using a USB cable. The installation can then begin. Once updated, your Stadia Controller will be compatible with your other Bluetooth devices.

Stadians, you can now update the firmware of your Stadia controller to enable Bluetooth Low Energy connections.

Find the update tool here:

— Stadium ☁️🎮 (@GoogleStadia) January 17, 2023

However, this move to Bluetooth is a way of saying goodbye to Stadia, as it’s an irreversible, one-way process: once the controller has been converted to Bluetooth LE, you can no longer switch back to Wi-Fi. used so far during sessions on Stadia.

Also note that this Bluetooth LE update will no longer be available in 2024. In fact, Google will end its availability at the end of 2023. If you have a Stadia controller to update, it’s best not to put it off too long.

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