Spotify launches custom radio that looks like real radio

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To animate your playlist, Spotify now generates a voice that will launch titles one after the other, just like on the radio.

Spotify DJ
Spotify DJ // Source: Spotify

On music streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer, or Apple Music, radios are pretty old features. However, in the end they only have a radio in name. No host, no programs, not even interludes between different titles: unlike music radios that can be heard on the FM band, streaming platform radios are first and foremost automated playlists based on your musical tastes.

However, Spotify has decided to go a step further with a new feature introduced this week. baptized “DJ”it is actually a function that proposes, like the radios already available on Spotify, to have the right to pieces of music according to the tastes of the moment, but spaced out and animated by a voice.

In a blog post, Spotify explains that this new DJ feature actually relies on artificial intelligence to not only generate playlists you might be interested in, but also to choose what the host will be able to say between two songs. . Even the DJ’s voice is generated by AI, as it was Spotify’s manager of cultural partnerships, Xavier Jernigan, who lent his timbre and intonation to the algorithm. Then load to deep learning to generate phrases that make sense between two titles that will be played by Spotify DJ.

Song throws like on the radio

This system is reminiscent of what we already know with music radios such as NRJ, OUI FM, RTL 2 or FIP. Thus, between two pieces the voice of “DJvirtual will present you with the next track and potentially some context, for example if Spotify’s algorithm has detected that you’re listening to a lot of 90s music right now, wherever you like sad ballads, it could explain this choice.

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In fact, the fact is that this Spotify DJ feature mainly complements the already existing feature with the radio system and auto playlist. This feature was already present on Spotify, but it will be brought to life with the addition of an AI-generated voice to introduce songs to you.

This feature is already available for registered users of the Spotify beta version on both Android and iOS. However, it is currently limited to US and Canadian users of the music streaming platform. Let’s also remember that Spotify will organize, in just over a week, its annual event, Stream On, on March 8. This could be an opportunity for the service to reveal other features that users are especially looking forward to. We are thinking specifically of the arrival of streaming in CD quality, announced two years ago and of which we still have no news.

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