Spotify is inspired by TikTok, a new stage for Android 14 and Tesla promos

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Didn’t have time to follow the news yesterday? Here’s what marked Thursday, March 9, 2023: Spotify with Tiktok sauce, Android 14 Developer Preview 2, and Tesla discounts. To not miss any news, remember to subscribe to the Frandroid newsletter.

Spotify DJ
Spotify’s update also adds an AI DJ system. // Source: Spotify

Spotify: a redesign inspired by TikTok

The music streaming service unveiled its biggest GUI change since 2013. Surprisingly, the design follows the codes of ByteDance’s TikTok social network, giving pride of place to vertical scrolling.

Android 14’s DP2

Ahead of April Beta 1, Google continues development of the next major Android update by releasing its Android 14 Developer Preview 2. New features include improved privacy settings and regional preferences.

Temporary discounts at Tesla

The American manufacturer of electric vehicles is currently offering short-term discounts on the new price of two of its ranges: the Model 3 and the Model Y. Discounts of several thousand euros that raise doubts among consumers.

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