Spotify draws inspiration from TikTok for its biggest overhaul since 2013

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Spotify has introduced a major overhaul to its interface for the music streaming app. The service now gives pride of place to a vertically scrolling Tiktok-style presentation.

For several years, the fashion was to integrate “stories” inspired by Snapchat and Instagram, in any type of application, even OneDrive, YouTube or Twitter. If Spotify’s presentation is to be believed, that’s it. Now fashion is inspired by TikTok.

Do you like to scroll?

At its Stream On conference, Spotify showed off a massive overhaul of its music streaming app. The app’s home page will now highlight all facets of the service: music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

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Above all, the interface now offers a TikTok-style vertical scrolling system where you can browse and discover new content. As in the social network, with each scroll we go from one audio track to another, from one program to another, from one musical excerpt to the next piece.

Once again, Spotify promotes discovery with the ability to add the content to your library in a few actions. The firm also wants to encourage new content creators who make themselves known through TikTok to come to their streaming platform.

The other side of the coin is that artists will need to further work on their universes on Spotify. One thinks of creating images to accompany music or properly integrate the lyrics of a song.

The rollout of this new version begins now worldwide.

The library and playlists are still there.

Fortunately for platform users who aren’t fans of vertical scrolling, the interface still offers access to the classic library. The one that allows you to play the music you want through the playlists that you can create.

For first-time fans of the service, Spotify didn’t give any news of Spotify HiFi originally expected in 2021. However, the service did announce other innovations around content discovery, most notably with its AI DJ or Smart Shuffle, a feature for adding new content. songs automatically. to an existing playlist.

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