Sony imagines ending piracy on televisions, good luck…

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Sony has been very active for years on the issue of piracy. To go further, the company imagines, in a patent, a technology that detects pirated applications on televisions and TV boxes, placing them on a blacklist to block them.

Even with the advent of SVoD and cloud gaming, piracy has a bright future ahead of it, even on televisions and TV boxes. This is demonstrated by the success of football matches that can be seen through IPTV services in France. If the Arcom has multiplied the blocks and that the users are more and more discouraged, there are still many methods to get around them. Therefore, Sony wants to take the initiative and intervene in the blocks established by ISPs, preventing illegal services from working on televisions and multimedia boxes.

Sony has a new idea to prevent piracy: create an application blacklist

are the media torrentfreak that teaches us that Sony has applied for a patent for technology to detect and blacklist pirated apps on media players and smart TVs “. With this patent called ” Anti-piracy control based on the blacklist function the manufacturer would like to implement monitoring software built into the operating system that detects third-party hacking apps and can block them.

Explanatory diagram of the detection of pirated applications // Source: Patent filed by Sony

Sony writes that ” the monitoring application has system privileges to examine the code and execution of the third-party application installed on the electronic device “. This technology would be useful in devices that allow users to install applications without going through official stores. Otherwise, it would identify the installation of an application through a third-party store.

Good value, Sony!

The objective is to protect users against hacking of their devices, but also and above all to protect the content of rights holders, such as the official broadcasters of a football championship. Among the detection methods, the patent specifies that Sony’s technology could use ” monitor external network sources that applications have access to, for example, or directly inspect an application’s code “, written torrentfreak.

If this patent obviously does not guarantee that Sony will implement this technology one day, the fact remains that piracy is one of the main concerns of the company. However, remember that the fight against piracy is an old obsession of tech gamers. But hackers always seem to be one step ahead or more resourceful in bypassing blocks. Therefore, the task is far from being won in advance.

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