Sony disassembles its PSVR 2 and reveals one of the last mysteries of the helmet

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Just like with its PS5 in 2020, Sony is taking down its PSVR 2 and its two controllers in front of the cameras. The perfect opportunity to discover some helmet design secrets.

The expert hands of Sony engineers at the service of an instructive disassembly // Source: Sony – YouTube

How does the PlayStation VR 2 manage to accurately track its two controllers without external sensors? Well now we know. Sony has shared two teardown videos of its VR headset and accompanying controllers on YouTube. In front of the cameras, two engineers from the group disassemble everything that can be disassembled, to reveal the details of the internal design of the PS5 peripheral and its two accessories.

So we discovered that if the PSVR 2 can follow its Sense controllers without external help, it’s thanks to a series of 14 infrared LEDs hidden directly on the controllers, at the level of their “orbit”, and under a white cover that can be removed. with a few turns of the screw. In detail, a flexible plastic headband gathers these IR diodes, staggered to allow precise detection by helmet cameras.

When Sony (meticulously) smashes the PSVR and its controllers

« These infrared lights are used by the VR headset’s tracking camera to detect the position and orientation of the controller. comments Takeshi Igarashi (also an engineer behind the PS5 DualSense controllers) seriously as he disassembles the controllers. ” These LEDs have been placed in optimal locations to ensure accurate detection no matter which direction the controller is pointing. “, he adds, before specifying that the helmet of the controllers is also made of a material that has the property of “ transmit internally emitted infrared light ».

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Otherwise, and as has been pointed out the edge, the disassembly video of the controls allows us to have an overview of the tactile sensors of the two controls, but also to discover the hidden face of their hiding places. High-precision mechanics at the service of the video game experience.

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The helmet teardown video itself also reveals its share of internal design details. Onin learns in particular how Sony manages to follow the user’s gaze. To do this, the firm also relies on infrared LEDs: one on each lens. An infrared camera housed inside the helmet detects the light emitted by these LEDs to track eye movements. Simple and unstoppable.

As a reminder, the PSVR 2 will hit the market on February 22 at a starting price (higher than the PS5) that we mentioned right here.

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