SMS, calls and 4G network in difficulty

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An SFR outage affects calls, SMS and the 4G network almost everywhere in mainland France. At the same time, Bouygues Telecom customers are also being informed of difficulties.

SFR’s mobile network is experiencing a national blackout. Text messages, calls and 4G mobile internet are experiencing operational problems throughout France. At the same time, similar difficulties have also arisen from Bouygues Telecom.

National blackout in SFR

On DownDetector, the number of reports has skyrocketed, especially for SFR where over 6,000 people reported issues.

More than 6000 fault reports on SFR // Source: DownDetector

Similar trend at Bouygues Telecom

For Bouygues Telecom, the trend is similar, with slightly fewer reports today, despite a significant increase in escalations. 955 reports are registered at the time of writing these lines.

At Bouygues Telecom, concerns are also reported // Source: DownDetector

Several netizens are also complaining on Twitter. Inside the newsroom frandroidtwo SFR clients can no longer make calls or connect to the Internet without going through the Wi-Fi network.

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