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Samsung is one such manufacturer that offers a large number of technological products. And, to take advantage of it at the best prices, what better than the winter sales of 2023? Many references from the Korean manufacturer are currently for sale, but we have selected only the best offers.

Samsung is one of the market leaders in smartphones. However, the talents of the South Korean company do not stop there, as they are exerted, to tell the truth, on the Tech world as a whole. Smartphones, TVs, PCs, SSDs, tablets, sound bars, chargers… there are plenty of Samsung-branded products out there, and many of them are currently benefiting from reduced prices during the 2023 winter sales. Here are the best deals you can find we selected.

The best Samsung deals of the winter sales 2023

Samsung Galaxy S22: the flagship of 2022

It is no longer a surprise, but it is better to wait a few months to pay less for the smartphone that catches our eye, since prices are naturally falling. This is, for example, the case of the Samsung Galaxy S22: launched at the beginning of 2022, this premium smartphone, equipped with a 120 Hz screen and good power, is shown at a much more attractive price during these winter sales thanks to a reduction of 180 euros.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 is…

  • A 6.1-inch + 120 Hz OLED screen
  • Great power thanks to the Exynos 2200 chip
  • A versatile photographic module

Instead of 809 euros, the Samsung Galaxy S22 is now offered at 629 euros at Électro Dépôt.

Samsung The Frame QE55LS03B: the frame in 4K@120Hz

Having created and bet on its QLED TVs, Samsung needed to find a way to stand out against LG’s famously more technologically advanced OLED screens. The Frame range was born from this idea, along with the desire to make television a work of art in its own right. During the sales, you can find the 2022 model in a 55-inch version for just over 600 euros discount during the sales.

What is the Samsung The Frame 2022?

  • The design in the form of interior painting.
  • A 55-inch 100Hz 4K QLED panel
  • Compatible with HDR 10+, HDR HLG and FreeSync Premium

During the sales, the Samsung The Frame QE55LS03B TV is listed at 899 euros on the Rue du Commerce site instead of 1,499 when it launched.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite: the affordable family tablet

The Galaxy Tab A7 Lite is a basic tablet from Samsung. This model is aimed at small budgets, without neglecting quality. Although it is not the most powerful of the brand, it is suitable for a large majority of users and its value for money becomes even more interesting thanks to this 30-euro reduction in its price.

What are the advantages of the Galaxy A7 Lite?

  • Convenient compact size
  • The smooth One UI user experience on tablets
  • Correct autonomy

Launched at 179 euros, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite tablet is shown at a softer price on Boulanger: 149 euros

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: good value for money

Samsung’s FE line was rumored to be on its way out, but that doesn’t seem to be happening anymore. Therefore, the Galaxy S21 FE could be replaced, but at present it is the proud representative of the range. And if its price was a brake, the sales make it more interesting with this discount of 260 euros on its initial price.

Highlights of the Galaxy S21 FE

  • a successful design
  • Performance at the rendezvous: Snapdragon 888
  • Great photographic versatility

Launched at a price of 759 euros, the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE is currently on sale at 499 euros on Boulanger.

45W Samsung charger

For some time now, smartphone manufacturers no longer include the charger in the box. Now sold separately, sometimes you have to pay full price for the official charger. That is why it is interesting to wait for the sales to see their price drop. And good news today, as the 45W fast charger is much more affordable after 50% off.

The advantages of Samsung charger

  • The official charger with a capacity of 45 W
  • with adaptive loading
  • And, a USB-C interface

With a crossed out price of 49.90 euros, Samsung’s 45W ultra-fast charger is now listed at just 25 euros on Amazon.

There is also the 25 W model at 12.90 euros instead of 24.90 euros, still on Amazon.

Samsung HW-K335: the powerful sound bar, but not expensive

TV audio doesn’t always match graphics performance. If you want to significantly improve the sound of your TV without breaking the bank, the best option right now is the sound bar. With the Samsung HW-K335 you will save 50% buying it during the winter sales.

Why is the Samsung HW-K335 interesting?

  • A total power of 130 W
  • Dolby Digital Compatible
  • Accurate reproduction and 2.1 surround sound

Instead of the usual 199 euros, the Samsung HW-K335 is now available on sale at 99 euros on Cdiscount.

Samsung T7 Shield: The Most Powerful 1TB Portable SSD

To protect and back up your data effectively, it is better to go for a robust, but also efficient external SSD. If the Samsung T7 range is one of the most recommended on the market, its more solid version, the T7 Shield, will be even more suitable for those who want a compact model that is highly resistant to shocks. The winter sales are also the ideal time to get this device, since its price is falling.

The strengths of the Samsung T7 Shield SSD

  • A compact format
  • Android, Windows and macOS supported
  • Rock solid, waterproof and dustproof

Initially offered at €169, then reduced to €119, the 1TB Samsung T7 Shield external SSD can cost you €94 on Amazon thanks to an ODR valid until February 7, 2023.

Samsung 980 Pro: the SSD for PC gamers, but also for consoles

Not all SSDs are suitable for the PS5. Among those that have their place in the bowels of this next-gen console is the Samsung 980 Pro, which offers high speeds and even incorporates a thermal controller to limit overheating. Currently, its 1 TB version sees its price almost cut in half, which makes it even more recommendable.

The Samsung 980 Pro SSD in a nutshell

  • Speeds up to 7000MB/s
  • Lots of storage
  • A thermal controller present in the SSD

Initially shown at €220, the 1TB Samsung 980 Pro SSD is now being offered at €114 on Amazon.

For use with a PS5, we recommend pairing it with a heat sink like this one. Also, you can update your firmware from PC with Samsung Magician before installing it on your PS5 to ensure better performance.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: the most powerful Samsung smartphone today

Despite the constant news about the next version of Samsung’s premium smartphone, the Galaxy S22 Ultra remains a must-have reference. Its multiple updates have finally made it fully recommendable and its qualities are often not found elsewhere. Right now, they are less than 1,000 euros for the winter sales.

Why is the S22 Ultra a “premium” smartphone?

  • It has a 6.8-inch AMOLED screen (QHD and 120 Hz)
  • Fast charging is finally at the level (45 W)
  • It remains one of the best camera phones on the market.
  • The directly integrated S Pen

Fnac lowers the price of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in the 128 GB version to 999 euros when since its launch it has cost 1,259 euros.

Winter sales: the best offers selected by the Frandroid editorial staff

The Winter Sale officially started on Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at 8 am in France and will end on Tuesday, February 7 at midnight. As of now, several merchants have already put out their best offers. Here are the best sales offers in our live.

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