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No, switching to fiber is not reserved for the wealthiest of households. SFR demonstrates this with its Starter fiber subscription at only 19.99 euros per month. For this price, the operator does not settle for the bare minimum, but also offers you a TV decoder and access to a wide range of channels.

Download a movie in a few seconds, play online with low latency or even satisfy the connection needs of the whole family: the advantages of fiber are undeniable and have already convinced more than 17 million French people according to ARCEP. In 2022, this number continues to grow, with almost 4 million new fiber subscriptions.

If you also want to take advantage of all the advantages of an ultra-fast connection without spending a large budget, SFR has a particularly attractive offer. Listed at just €19.99 a month for the first year (€34.99 thereafter), the Starter fiber package is, however, complete with its 4K TV decoder and unlimited calls to landlines. In addition, SFR accompanies you with a 4G option to have internet access in all circumstances.

The Starter offer in detail

Opting for fiber is above all choosing to have an ultra-fast connection. At this point, although affordable, the SFR Starter package shows upload and download speeds of 500 Mb/s, which is much higher than 100 Mb/s. a minimum Required for fiber offers.

Source: SFR

With such a connection speed, you can download a 4K movie in less than 2 minutes or a huge 80GB game in just 20 minutes. Once the game has started, even if there are several of you using the line, you can enjoy low latency during your multiplayer games.

The benefits of SFR Starter Fiber don’t end there. In addition to unlimited calls to landlines in France, the offer also includes a 4K and HDR TV decoder, with access to a catalog of 160 channels. So that you don’t miss anything, the device allows you to record the programs you want, watch them on repeat or pause them to resume them later thanks to the “live monitoring».

Well equipped, the SFR Starter offer is available at a price of 19.99 euros per month for the first year of commitment (thereafter 34.99 euros per month).

Options to never run out of internet

Subscribing to fiber is as simple as it is fast, and it all happens online, on the SFR website. But once the offer is contracted, as it happens with any operator, it takes a few days to take advantage of your new connection. This is the time needed to receive the equipment and call a technician.

The 4G box (left) and Wi-Fi repeater (right) offered as an option by SFR // Source: SFR.

During this phase, SFR has planned everything so that you do not run out of internet. By subscribing to the option “internet guarantee» At 5 euros per month, the operator immediately provides you with a 4G box with unlimited connection as long as the fiber is operational.

Then, as soon as everything is activated, you benefit from this option of 30 GB of data per month, a good envelope to complement your mobile plan when you travel. Please note that in the event of a line malfunction, SFR reactivates unlimited access on your 4G box, so you never run out of Internet connection.

At the same time, the operator offers a Wi-Fi repeater for 3 euros per month when contracting Fiber Starter. This device allows you to amplify the signal and have a good connection in all rooms of the house, including those furthest from the box.

Thus, beyond having a good speed with SFR’s Starter fiber, the operator offers a series of complementary, practical and economically accessible services.

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