Sennheiser Profile USB Microphone Review: The New Benchmark

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Sennheiser enters the plug & play microphone market for broadcasting and podcasting. The Profile, as it is called, will it live up to our expectations?

Sennheiser profile USB microphone
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

Is it still necessary to introduce Sennheiser? The German group, which had spun off from its EPOS branch, is launching an assault on the broadcast microphone market with Profile. Like most references on the market, the Sennheiser profile is designed to be easy to use and therefore does not require any driver to work.

It is an all-metal cardioid condenser microphone available in two configurations. A first “desktop” version, offered at the recommended price of 130 euros, and a second kit, which we received, in which the microphone is delivered with an articulated arm. This set is offered at the recommended price of 200 euros.

A solid microphone, particularly well built.

If we compare it with other microphones that have passed through our hands recently, the Sennheiser Profile is much more compact. The brand experience is felt immediately, since the product seems qualitative. The body of the microphone is completely made of metal and the mountings are impeccable.

Sennheiser profile USB microphone
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

Even better, Sennheiser has managed to fully integrate the adjustable stand into the body of its microphone. Therefore, it is possible to tilt the microphone back a few degrees to orient it correctly. Again, the Profile is almost a joy to handle, as movements are fluid.

The capsule consists of a very classic black metal grill. We find on the front the various control buttons with, first of all, the one that allows you to cut the capture. When this feature is activated, the first two buttons light up red, indicating to the user that the microphone is muted. These LEDs can also turn yellow when the microphone is overloaded.

Sennheiser profile USB microphone
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

Then there is a potentiometer that manages the gain of the Profile, another one dedicated to the balance between the sound of the microphone and that of the PC and finally a third one that allows to adjust the volume of the audio output. In fact, the Profile has a classic output jack, located on the back and providing audio feedback from the capture while the computer can use it as an audio output.

The connection to the computer is ensured by a USB-C cable of the correct length. However, we regret that no adapter to USB A is provided in the box. Therefore, it still seems a bit early to us not to provide these types of accessories, since USB-C is not yet widespread in desktop computers.

Sennheiser profile USB microphone
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

We have received the Profile in its version transmission assembly which ignores the table leg and benefits from a true articulated arm. The latter combines metal and plastic and is, like the microphone, relatively compact compared to what is usually found on the market. It’s also very well built and holds the mic firmly in place. It’s just that his joints seem a bit too stiff to us, at least at first.

The arm also incorporates a system that allows the adequate passage of the cable. During our tests we were able to validate good impact noise attenuation on our desk, with the arm installed on it. Similarly, manipulation of the arm during recording does not disturb the sound recording in any way.

Sennheiser profile USB microphone
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

In terms of design and ergonomics, there is simply nothing to complain about. The Sennheiser profile is perfect. The microphone is solid, well built, easy to use and its boom arm completes it all. It even has the luxury of being quite compact, especially when compared to its direct competitors.

Brand Winning Performance

The Sennheiser profile is convincing in its construction and ergonomics, and it is just as convincing in terms of performance. The brand’s reputation is well established and many professionals and artists use Sennheiser microphones for their recordings. However, we are here before the brand’s first USB microphone, a slightly different discipline.

Sennheiser profile USB microphone
Source: Edouard Patout for Frandroid

No need to draw out the suspense any longer – the Sennheiser profile is very good! Voice capture is clear, warm, and overall recording flawless! Therefore, it responds perfectly to the initial constraint: a microphone plug&play It requires no configurations or drivers. So it is effective for both a voice discussion and recording a podcast.

Basic recording, 75% gain, normalized to 0 dB

The Profile does not stop at a simple recording of good quality since all the organs that could disturb the recordings seem to have been studied in detail. Thus, the capsule is not very sensitive to hiss and plosives, a windscreen or filter will eliminate them. Similarly, the button mute It does not generate any unpleasant sound when turning on or off.

Basic recording with keystrokes, 75% gain, normalized to 0 dB

Lastly, and despite its compact size, the Profile is not very sensitive to handling noise. Thus, the arm can be moved, reoriented or manipulated, without having an appreciable impact on the recording. Finally, its cardioid directivity is effective at attenuating ambient noise and focusing the voice. As is often the case, keyboard or mouse noises are still audible, but this doesn’t really affect the experience.

Price and availability

The Sennheiser Profile microphone is available at the recommended price of 130 euros.

The pack with articulated arm is offered at the recommended price of 200 euros.

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