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Transferring large files can sometimes be difficult due to the limitations imposed by the various services available. Not with Free Transfer!

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Among the many free services is Free Transfer, which allows you to send large files, like WeTransfer or Smash, for example. Today, a Premium offer has been added to Free Transfer, free of charge for subscribers.

Send unlimited large files

The Free Transfer Premium offer allows you to send an unlimited number of files with no size limits. Each file thus hosted on the service can be shared with a maximum of 50 recipients and remains available for 30 days after being sent.

Free also takes advantage of this announcement to remind you that Free Transfer uses the HTTPS protocol to encrypt the elements sent and received and that the data centers are all located in Paris, and therefore in France. It is also possible to create a password to access shared files.

A free service for subscribers.

This new Premium offer that allows you to take advantage of unlimited free transfer is free for Free Mobile or Freebox subscribers. For others, the service is still free, but the files are limited to 10 GB, the number of recipients to 10, and the validity period to only 7 days.

As a reminder, Free Mobile offers go from 2 to 20 euros per month and Freebox offers from 40 to 50 euros per month after the discount period.

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