Second Life, the metaverse ahead of its time, soon returns to mobile

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An forefather of the metaverse, Second Life comes to iOS and Android nearly two decades after its initial release on PC… a platform it has never left until now.

Unstoppable on PC, Second Life returns… on mobile devices // Source: Linden Lab

A brief video game phenomenon from the 2000s and the virtual site of a political showdown between the teams of Nicolas Sarkozy and Ségolène Royal during the 2007 presidential campaign, Second Life is the epitome of Metavers ahead of time. 20 years after its launch on PC, Linden Lab’s social video game is coming to smartphones and tablets through a mobile application that is expected soon on iOS and Android.

As the title’s development team points out, this isn’t the first time Second Life has tried to break into the mobile market… but this time, the studio seems firmly determined to bring this project to fruition. . The proof is in the video revealed for the occasion. We watch the animated title on an Android smartphone and learn that it is powered by the 3D Unity Engine.

Second Life soon on smartphones and tablets

« We tried not to compromise graphical fidelity too much. said Linden Lab’s vice president of engineering, adding that ” everything is still recognizable ».

Once completed, the mobile version of Second Life should also allow ” pretty much everything you can do on the desktop version of the game, without being tied to your computer “, for his part, commented the vice president in charge of the exploitation of the title.

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In this case, the mobile experience should be multi platform with the PC version. The development team also wants players to have the same experience on their phone or on their computer… and to be able to play against each other without being penalized for the platform used. A concept that is also very important for the economic viability of the game, which depends to a large extent on its community.

As for the release of this mobile version, Linden Lab still does not give a precise date, but still we learned that a first beta version of Second Life on iOS and Android will be available later this year.

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