Seat Mo is rented from 125 to 113 euros per month, good or bad treatment?

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The transformation of cities is increasingly encouraging city dwellers to ditch their cars on a daily basis for two-wheelers, with a strong appetite for electric vehicles. The offer of electric scooters is increasingly wide, and we are seeing new financing solutions for these products arrive, including Seat’s regarding its Mo 125 from 113 euros per month. Decoded.

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If the Seat range in terms of cars begins to age with a flagrant absence of novelties, especially electrical (the Volkswagen group is committed to the Cupra brand, which is more profitable), the Iberian manufacturer has been offering a small equivalence of electric scooter. 125 cm for some time.3technical cousin of the Silence 01, and whose characteristics are quite interesting.

Aesthetically, the differences between the Silence S01 and the Seat Mo are minimal, or even non-existent, apart from the logos and the four colors available on the Seat (Aluminum Grey, Audacious Red, Tarifa Blue and Oxygen White). As for the equipment, the Seat Mo has two USB-A sockets and a hook for the skirt, while the 39-litre boot, located under the seat, can accommodate a full-face helmet and a small jet.

As with cars, there are also financing solutions for motorcycles and scooters, and one of them caught our attention: the Seat Mo 125 from 113 euros per month. An offer that seems quite interesting and that allows one to afford an economical and efficient means of mobility in large cities, especially in Paris, where parking for two-wheeled thermal vehicles became paid in September 2022.

The Seat Mo 125 is offered at 113 euros per month

As with most “as of” financing offers, this is the basic model. At Seat, the Mo does not have a finish or even a specific engine, except that a Performance version has just come out -we even carry it by the hand in Spain-.

This version differs from the classic Mo thanks to its eBoost function that improves performance. The Mo Performance also has an adjustable rear shock designed by Ölhins and discs and brake pads supplied by Galfer.

The version object of the offer of 113 euros per month has a battery with a capacity of 5.6 kWh and allows the Seat Mo to show a respectable autonomy of 125 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle.

You can recharge the battery through a plug on the side of the scooter that allows you to plug it into a power outlet. And if your two-wheeler sleeps on the street, the battery is removable and can be pulled out from the side quite easily, to become a duffel bag. Having a removable battery reduces the risk of theft.

It takes 6-8 hours to fully charge. Thanks to an application, it is also possible to know the autonomy of the scooter, but also to geolocate it and receive alerts if the vehicle moves.

In the list of accessories we find a lot of elements that accompany this scooter, starting with the First case, a specific apron, a smartphone holder and a high screen. Well obviously this equipment is not included in the financing offer. For once, customers will be able to choose the colors, as all four shades are free options.

What are the conditions to qualify for the Seat Mo 125 LOA offer?

This is a rent-to-own offer on 37 months and 5,000 kilometers per year, that is, 15,000 km in total. Seat indicates that the offer of 113 euros per month is subject to a first rent of 900 euros, but this is absorbed by the ecological bonus of 900 euros for electric scooters. Therefore, the contribution is reduced to zero euros.

In total, 15,000 km in three years for this type of machine is more than enough, especially since unlike passenger cars, this type of scooter will be limited to urban and slightly peri-urban areas, since it is capable of exceeding 100 km. /h quite easily, as we could see during our test.

How much will the Seat Mo 125 LOA cost you?

For three years of long-term rental, your Seat Mo 125 will cost you €4,068. Seat shows its electric scooter €7,200 catalog, ecological bonus of 900 euros not discounted. This gives us, once deductions have been made, a model that is shown at list price on €6,300.

From this price, you will pay during the three years of rent 64.6% of the price of your electric scooter. The offer being an LOA, there is an option to repurchase the vehicle. You will have two options:

  • Return the scooter at the end of the financing;
  • Pay the purchase option that is set at 3,682.80 euros so that it belongs to you definitively.

Be careful with the repair costs, these can be high at the time of return. If you take another vehicle from your dealer after your LOA, you’ll also be a little less careful about the costs of repairs.

Should we favor the LOA or a classic credit?

For these machines, whose price is still relatively affordable, especially since the aid can be substantial by accumulating the bonuses that can be applied locally in certain cities, customers tend to finance less this type of machine.

But, what to choose between a LOA and a classic credit? From a purely economic point of view, buying cash is obviously the best solutionbut if you have to go through financing, LOA and credit are the two main solutions.

Although the rates have risen in recent months, some are still interesting, especially if you buy an electric car. For two wheels, this is a little less the case, especially since some banks do not distinguish between thermal and electric two wheels. For example, at Crédit Agricole Île-de-France, for the financing of a classic vehicle we arrive at a fixed APR of 5.18% over the same duration and the same contribution as the LOA.

Thus, financing 6,300 euros (ecological bonus of 900 euros discounted), even at 36 months, we reached monthly installments of €188.99, Uninsured. The total amount owed is 6,803.59 euros, the credit will have cost you 503.59 euros.

Note that with other captives, which have a special token for electric two-wheelers, the monthly payments are similar. Thus, for example, in Macif, for the same conditions, we arrive at €187.35 per month for 36 months without insurance, and €188.64 with insurance for driver from 18 to 39 years old.

things to remember

A quick calculation shows that the LOA offer, if you decide to buy the electric scooter at the end of the financing, is a very bad offer, since In the end, the scooter will have cost you 7,750.80 euros if you exercise the purchase optionagainst 4,068 euros during the 36 months of rent.

Therefore, the interest is to pay what you “consume” and leave at the end of your financing in a new LOA with a new product.

With a classic loan, you finance the whole scooter and not a part. As a result, the monthly payments are higher, of course, but at the end of the 36 months, the scooter is definitely yours. And the amount paid at the end with respect to a LOA is around 900 euros in favor of the classic credit.

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