Samsung’s 45W fast charger is 50% off through this Amazon deal

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Now, chargers are rare in smartphone boxes. Sometimes you have to pay a high price to get the official charger! This is not the case today, because this Samsung 45 W charger at 24.95 euros instead of 49.90 euros.

Samsung 45W ultra fast charger

Finding a charger capable of delivering enough power to power your smartphone battery sometimes requires spending a good budget. Luckily, the official Samsung charger currently benefits from a 50% discount and thus becomes the ideal solution to recover percentages quickly without going bankrupt.

The strengths of this Samsung charger

  • A compact format
  • Power up to 45W
  • A USB-C interface

Usually at 49.90 euros, Samsung’s 45 W fast charger is shown at the best price on Amazon: 24.95 euros.

A practical charger

The Samsung charger benefits from a compact format that makes it easily transportable when you’re traveling or traveling, ideal for not having a multitude of chargers on you.

Under its small dimensions (53.1 x 30.1 x 89.3 mm) the charger from the South Korean firm is capable of delivering a power of up to 45 W. It will allow you to charge your device faster than with a conventional charger.

But above all effective to recharge a large number of devices

This wall charger will be able to efficiently charge most South Korean brand devices, specifically the Galaxy S20, S21 and S22 Ultra, the Note10+ or ​​the Galaxy Tab S7+, and even the brand’s wireless headphones. To optimize charging speed, you’ll need to use a USB Type-C cable, included here.

Samsung offers adaptive charging. Specifically, if it is capable of delivering a maximum power of 45W for smartphones or other compatible products, it can also adapt to the capabilities of other models. So you can still go for this charger even if your smartphone charging power can’t increase to 45W.

There are many solutions to charge your mobile quickly, if you are still not sure which one to choose, here is our selection of fast chargers for smartphones.

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