Samsung would also work on AR glasses and follow the trend of MWC 2023

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If Samsung admits to working on new products, suspense is always in order. However, the manufacturer has trademarks that suggest it could market augmented reality glasses in addition to a smart ring.

A Samsung brand in Milan // Source: Babak Habibi on Unsplash

We have been hearing about Samsung connected glasses or AR glasses for years. Latest leak: a video that would have been produced by Samsung itself showing a concept of augmented reality glasses. This time, Samsung has filed two brand names with the Korea Patent and Trademark Office, Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS). This is what the media reveals Usable with two explicit names: Galaxy Glasses and Galaxy Ring.

Galaxy Ring, a smart ring from Samsung

The brand discovered by Usable indicates that the product would be related to a ” smart device to measure indicators of health and/or sleep in the form of a ring ».

The Aeklys smart ring // Source: Frandroid

This would make Samsung the first giant to invest in this market, since at the moment the only players are Aeklys, Motiv Ring, Circular or Oura. A previous leak indicated that this mysterious ring could measure various health data: activity, heart rate, etc. What to offer an alternative to connected watches and expand the Samsung ecosystem.

Galaxy glasses: Samsung glasses could see the light of day

In the description of the brand we have very little information, only classifications. Among the terms associated with the brand are “ headset for virtual reality experience », « headset for augmented reality experience », « smart glasses », « smartphone ” either ” helmet ».

Samsung augmented reality glasses
Source: WalkingCat

Among the uses that the leaks transmit to us and those that we would like to imagine, are video games, video playback and endless holographic experiences. If they will be more reserved for professionals, these uses could be extended to the general public if Samsung’s AR glasses see their price drop compared to the other versions.

AR glasses are the trend of MWC 2023

The timing of this revelation obviously makes us think about what is happening at MWC 2023 in Barcelona. Last November, Qualcomm introduced a new platform for augmented reality glasses. A few months later, at the fair, there are many prototypes from different manufacturers. For example, Xiaomi presented its Xiaomi Wireless AR Smart Glass Discovery Edition there. On the other hand, we were able to take the Oppo Air Glass 2 by hand, although its commercialization is not planned.

The trend at MWC this year is pairs of AR glasses. If Samsung is a giant of new technologies, it still has a big opponent: Apple. Its famous Apple Glass is highly anticipated and could democratize this type of product.

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