Samsung would abandon one of its high-end smartphones next year

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For the S24 range that is expected for next year, the Korean manufacturer has decided not to offer its range with a “Plus” model.

Samsung Galaxy S22Plus
The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus // Source: Robin Wycke – Frandroid

Although we learned this Wednesday that Samsung will indeed introduce its range of new Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra smartphones on February 1, the Korean site the elect takes the lead and already brings us some data on the range scheduled for next year for the Galaxy S24.

In an article published on Wednesday, the Korean site, usually well-versed in Samsung’s production lines, reports that the firm has just two Galaxy S24 models in the pipeline for next year. Samsung would thus work on two models known internally with the code names DM and DM3. According to the elect, the DM would be the Samsung Galaxy S24, while the DM3 would be the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. What to suggest that Samsung would ignore from next year about its model”Moreas The Elec says:It is very likely that DM2 was planned but ultimately abandoned.».

A model too similar to the classic Galaxy S

It must be said that the variations “More» of the Samsung Galaxy are especially close to the most classic models. Where versions “Ultra“they usually bring different design elements, such as stylus handling, a different shape or a more versatile photo module, the models”Morethey are satisfied with being a large format version of the classic model, with a larger screen, better definition and a larger battery. By offering just two models in its high-end segment, Samsung could keep things simple and clarify the positioning of each model with a more compact smartphone for those who want it and a more efficient model for those looking for more versatility.

For the past three years, Samsung has offered three variations of its Galaxy S smartphones with a classic version, a “More» and a model «Ultra“. Only, if the Galaxy S20 Ultra and S21 Ultra brought little difference to the other two models, the Galaxy S22 Ultra took over the Galaxy Note range with stylus management and a different approach. Henceforth, it is for both the modelMorethe one that has the least meaning and interest in the Samsung catalog, so it seems plausible that the firm will abandon its large model next year.

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