Samsung presents its new ultraportables and bets on the ecosystem

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Samsung presents a new range of laptops. Here are the Galaxy Book 3, Galaxy Book 3 Pro, Galaxy Book 3 360, and Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360.

Source: Samsung

The stars of Galaxy Unpacked are undoubtedly Samsung’s new Galaxy S23s, but the firm had other products to show off. The brand took advantage of its great event to present a new range of Galaxy Book, its Windows laptops that we have already been able to get close to.

The Samsung ecosystem

The added value that Samsung wants to bring once again to its machines, in addition to its experience in manufacturing high-end mobile devices, is the question of the ecosystem. Galaxy books include share now et private sharing, like the previous generation, which allows you to easily and securely share documents between your Galaxy smartphone and your PC. Samsung has also given a layer on the possibility of using a Galaxy Tab tablet as a second screen on your PC or on the easy synchronization of Galaxy Buds headphones.

We understand that if you live in the Samsung ecosystem, you will have a better experience with Galaxy Book.

Intel and 13th generation OLED

Samsung did not choose Oled at all for its range. The firm still wants to have an entry-level proposal with the Galaxy Book 3 equipped with a Full HD LCD screen.

On the other hand, as soon as one goes up the range, the firm promises to offer AMOLED. This is the case with the Galaxy Book 3 360, Galaxy Book 3 Pro and Galaxy Book 3 Pro 360. In the latter, Samsung raises the cursor quite high with Amoled 120 Hz 16:10 and a touchscreen with a beautiful definition of 2560 x 1600 pixels. . As the name suggests, the 360 ​​models can be turned into a tablet by rotating the screen under the keyboard.

The big news of the year is the move to 13th generation Intel Core chips, with a P-series used across the core of the range. Once again, the entry-level Galaxy Book 3 is an exception with its less efficient U Series chip.

Release February 17

Samsung’s Galaxy Book 3 range is available as soon as announced for pre-order, but the commercial launch will wait until February 17, 2023.

As for its smartphones, the firm offers launch offers. There is talk of offering more storage for each configuration for orders from the Samsung site, or offering an external monitor for orders from trading partners.

Count from 1299 euros for the entry-level Galaxy Book 3 (Intel Core i7-U, 512 GB of storage, LCD screen). A price that puts it cheaper than Apple’s MacBook Air M2, but still a high price compared to Asus or Lenovo.

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