Samsung officially presents the main asset of the Galaxy S23 Ultra

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Samsung introduced its new 200 million pixel sensor, the Isocell HP2. It is this sensor that should equip the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, whose announcement is expected on February 1.

Rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra render // Source: OnLeaks While Samsung’s new high-end smartphones are being presented, the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra, we already know more about what promises to be one of the differentiating elements of the premium model. Several rumors already mentioned the presence of a new 200 million pixel sensor. Finally, Samsung delivered, on Monday, January 16, more details about this photosensor.

Last December, Samsung had already introduced a new 200-megapixel sensor. If we thought at the time that it would be the Isocell HP2, which according to rumors will equip the Galaxy S23 Ultra, in the end it was nothing. As reported on Tuesday by the site SamMobileSpecializing in news from the Korean manufacturer, the firm has finally lifted the veil on the sensor that the Galaxy S23 Ultra should have, the Samsung Isocell HP2.

A sensor in 1/1.3-inch format

Like the previous Isocell HP1 sensor, the Isocell HP2 here promises a 200 million pixel sensor with photosites, the cells responsible for recording each pixel, spaced 0.6 μm apart. This naturally allows you to record 200 million pixel shots in good light conditions, but also take advantage of pixel binning by grouping these photo sites together. Thus, by grouping them in fours, the sensor will be able to record 50-megapixel shots (with groups of 1.2 μm photosites) when it can go to 12.5 megapixels by grouping them of sixteen (with groups of 2.4 μm for each pixel). For comparison, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, equipped with a one-inch sensor, incorporates 3.2 μm side photosites. It must be said that Samsung’s new sensor retains a relatively limited 1/1.3-inch format.

The Samsung Isocell HP2 sensor
Sensor Samsung Isocell HP2 // Source: Samsung

Specifically, pixel binning is a technique that supposedly helps capture better shots in low light conditions by reducing digital noise and increasing the dynamic range of the sensor. In addition, such a definition is also of interest in video, since the sensor is capable of capturing 8K sequences at 30p. The sensor also allows you to enjoy recording in 4K at 60p.

Samsung has also integrated certain technologies to reduce the risk of overexposed images or improve color fidelity. According to the Korean firm, the Isocell HP2 would also be capable of focusing extremely quickly, even in low light conditions.

The Samsung Isocell HP2 sensor should be used as the main sensor in the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, combined with a wide-angle lens. It could also be found in photomodules from other manufacturers, with Samsung being one of the leading providers of photo sensors for smartphones in the world.

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