Samsung has developed a screen for a two-way folding Galaxy Z Fold

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Samsung has introduced a new screen called “Flex In & Out” that can be bent in both directions. Revealed in a foldable smartphone prototype, this new display technology, and especially the hinge technology, would be good to invite itself to the brand’s future foldable smartphones.

Here’s the Flex In & Out display unveiled by Samsung, it could bring a real edge to the Z Fold 5 // Source: Samsung Display via The Verge

It’s still not possible to fold a rear-folding smartphone into current models… unless you want to break something. However, Samsung has the idea to release screens and hinges capable of folding in both directions and obviously the brand wants to do that in the near future.

Proof of this is the “Flex In & Out” screen prototype presented at the end of last week by Samsung Display, through a prototype. The latter has the particularity of being able to fold forwards and backwards thanks to a 360-degree hinge that is also endowed with the “teardrop” design that we talked about recently at Samsung. The latter radically reduces the visibility of the center fold.

A technology adopted in the Galaxy Z Fold 5?

as specified android authority, this screen was first introduced by Samsung at CES in early January. Next, the firm mainly advanced the teardrop design of its new hinge, however, without communicating about the possibility of folding the screen in both directions. Two weeks later, here we are.

Source: Samsung Display via The Verge

We will have to see if Samsung is prepared to use this design in its next Galaxy Z Fold 5. If we stick to what the brand has shown to the press, it seems that the technology is, for the most part, to the point. but difficult to anticipate anything at the moment in the absence of official confirmation. However, it’s hard to imagine the Korean brand drastically changing the design of its Galaxy Z Fold, at least not the next generation, if that were to happen.

Switching to this new hinge would be a huge step forward for the device. In addition to the ability to fold in both directions and reduce the visibility of its center fold, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 would take advantage of this new hinge to gain finesse while eliminating the gap between the two halves of its screen. These could lay completely flat on top of each other.

However, in case of a rapid adoption of this design, we are curious to know how Samsung will handle this novelty at the software level. In particular, it will be necessary to find a way not to interfere with use when the screen is folded back, and for good reason, the palm of the hand would be in contact with one of the two halves of the screen.

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