Samsung explains why some screens have strange stripes

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On Twitter, some users of the Galaxy S23 have informed Samsung of the presence of a strange trace visible at the bottom of the screen. A perfectly normal phenomenon according to the brand, which evokes its manufacturing processes.

The screen of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is a problem for some users… but not for Samsung // Source: Frandroid

Some kind of weird stroke taunts you by showing up at the bottom of your Galaxy S23 Ultra screen, a bit like a film stuck badly? Don’t worry, it’s ugly but perfectly normal. according to Samsung. Questioned on Twitter by several concerned users, the brand responded by indicating that this small cosmetic defect would not really be. It would simply be the result of a manufacturing process of the screen itself.

An argument that struggles to fully convince, since some users still decided to resume their copy after a few days of use. As a reminder, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is currently one of the most expensive smartphones on the market, with a starting price officially set at over 1,400 euros in France.

Fingerprints that can only be seen in “strong light” according to Samsung

According to the UK branch of Samsung, which explained on Twitter, this defect, which is mainly seen in the lower right corner of the screen, would actually only be visible by pointing “strong lighton the area in question. The mark also ensures that this trace is in no way linked to a screen or tile failure.

In detail, it would be the result of the lamination process that the firm uses to produce its screens. This manufacturing process joins several layers of glass together to prevent dust or water from entering the screen. However, in some cases, this lamination operated by Samsung can leave a small, more or less visible stain, which has an appearance “crushed/pressed».

If you shine a strong light on the screen, some parts may appear to be crushed/pressed, this happens due to the pressing process for waterproofing and dust protection. This is not a product defect. Everything is fine with your phone. ^DT 2/2

— Samsung UK (@SamsungUK) February 16, 2023

Nothing in particular to do, except get used to this trace until you don’t notice it anymore… or request a change from Samsung if you’re concerned. The firm ensures that this problem is not a production defect, but that in a device positioned in the very high range, this type of imperfection is visibly difficult to overcome.

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