Samsung draws fun (and practical) accessories for its Galaxy S23

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After the covers and other traditional protections dedicated to the Galaxy S23, Samsung is preparing to launch at least two atypical accessories for its new high-end smartphone.

The Galaxy S23, by way of illustration // Source: Frandroid – Anthony Wonner and Chloé Pertuis

In its UK catalogue, Samsung is starting to launch some unusual, and potentially very practical, accessories for helmets. device case » Galaxy S23. Spotted by Roland Quandt, the premiere of this novelty is none other than a certain ” slim tripod mount“. Shown at 34 pounds (just under 40 euros) this small magnetic and folding tripod is accompanied by another accessory: the ” Camera grip support ». Visible on the official Samsung website via the Channel, the latter, however, is no longer available for purchase immediately. We don’t know its price either.

As noted SamMobile , the launch of these few accessories is part of Samsung’s strategy for its Galaxy range. A range that the firm wants to make as complete as possible… and that also means an increasingly visible effort in the laptop market. For just over a year, Samsung has made a strong return to this segment with its Galaxy Books. A line renewed very recently, and enriched with the appearance of the Galaxy Book 3 Ultra in the high range, for example.

Fun and practical accessories?

Anyway, theslim tripod mount adheres to thedevice caseand unfolds to take the shape of a handle (handy for filming, for example), or to switch to tripod mode, adjustable both vertically and horizontally. At first glance, the design adopted by Samsung seems quite clever and the concept seems well thought out… especially since the accessory is discreet when folded.

Samsung is adding all sorts of weird gadgets that are compatible with the Gadget Case, like this tripod called the Slim Tripod Stand for Gadget Case.

—Roland Quandt (@rquandt) March 16, 2023

Less discreet but more elaborate, thecamera grip supportIt is also designed to be attached to the helmet”Contraptionand wants to make the Galaxy S23 a better photographer. It comes with a mini tripod and a Bluetooth shutter remote to capture remote photos from different angles.

As for its design, let’s say that it allows a better grip thanks to a magnetic grip. Astrophoto and Astro Hyperlapse modes finally make it easy to take photos of a starry sky, for example… even if the moon ones might as well be partially truncated.

Source: Samsung via SamMobile

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