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The One UI 5.1 software update brings a new feature reminiscent of another: the ability to remove the background from an image, or to crop out a subject, in short, that we discovered with iOS 16.

While One UI 5.1 has just rolled out to the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy S20, one little feature that has been overlooked so far has the merit of getting people talking about it. Because ? Because in addition to being nice and fun, it is similar in all aspects to a function already available on iOS.

This novelty consists of cropping an object, a face or any other element of an image, with a single click and instantly. This then results in a sticker. This is the famous image background removal, which we introduced to you in June 2022, before doing a tutorial a few months later.

tested and approved

Implemented in iOS 16, this little sleight of hand is now available on the competition, and more specifically on Samsung’s One UI 5.1. We were able to test this feature on the Galaxy S23 publisher. Revelation : works great, despite a small inaccuracy here and there.

To take advantage of it, simply take a photo, open it, and press for about a second on the object or face you want to crop. A thin white border will then appear around the subject in question. A context menu then offers you to “Copy”, “Share” or “Save as Image” the cutout, which becomes a sticker.

So it is quite possible to insert this sticker into any other image from your gallery, or send it in its original form to a friend. In this case, a black background acts as the background, on the contrary Apple, who prefers a white background.

Some minor hiccups

After several tests, it is clear that the result is quite convincing. It is true that my left wrist suffers from a slight misfire, but it is still light. Also, the phone tends to group objects together when it detects several. In the furniture in my living room, he did not know how to isolate the vase: instead, the enclosure and the pot were taken into account.

After a pretty funny montage, we tried to crop said montage (thumbs up, my ganache in the vase) to insert it into another photo. As you can see, the Galaxy S23 is completely hidden in my speaker cutout.

We’ve pushed it to the limit here: overall this feature works very well. On the other hand, and as has been pointed out 9to5Google, this novelty is exclusive to the Galaxy S23. In fact, we have downloaded One UI 5.1 on a Galaxy S22 from the editorial team, but unfortunately it does not take advantage of this feature.

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