Rugged Samsung T7 Shield 1TB External SSD Drops Under $90 During Sales

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The Samsung T7 Shield external SSD, with a storage capacity of 1 TB, is a solid benchmark and high performance, all with a small footprint. Currently it can cost you 89 euros instead of Amazon’s 169 euros thanks to a discount doubled by an ODR.

To protect and back up your data effectively, it is better to go for a robust, but also efficient external SSD. If the Samsung T7 range is one of the most recommended on the market, its more solid version, the T7 Shield, will be even more suitable for those who want a compact model that is highly resistant to shocks. The winter sales are also the ideal time to get hold of this device since its price drops by half.

The strengths of the Samsung T7 Shield SSD

  • a compact SSD;
  • rock solid, waterproof and dustproof;
  • a storage capacity of 1 TB;
  • compatible with Android, Windows and macOS.

Initially offered at €169, then reduced to €119, the 1TB Samsung T7 Shield external SSD can cost you €89 on Amazon thanks to an ODR valid until February 7, 2023.

Compact design and good solidity.

The Samsung T7 Shield external SSD is so compact that its size is roughly similar to a bank card, but one centimeter thick. So you can very easily slip this SSD into your bag, or even put it in your pocket if needed, if you’re going to be using a mop for example. On the design side, we are entitled to an outer rubber coating that allows it to stand out from other devices on the market, which in most cases adopt a softer and more sober design. One of the main advantages of this design is of course its IP65 certification. The latter allows it to be resistant to dust and water (but still avoid throwing it in the water on purpose). Another point in favor: Samsung ensures that its external SSD is capable of withstanding falls of up to three meters.

Solid also in terms of performance.

On the performance side, the Samsung T7 Shield is a PCIe NVMe SSD, usable with its USB-C port, with a transfer speed of up to 1050 MB/s reading and 1000 MB/s writing. You’ll be able to transfer your files quickly and you’ll no longer suffer from slow load times. The connection is also made using one of the two supplied cables: the USB-C to USB-C cable or the USB-C to USB-A cable. In fact, the SSD will respond very well, but its performance will be really satisfactory under Windows, where the SSD does achieve the speeds promised by the brand sequentially.

Finally, with this external SSD you will be able to access a data encryption solution thanks to a double partition system. On a very small read-only partition, Samsung offers several encryption or decryption software installation files, which can be useful if you want to open your storage even on other PCs. Please note that this software is compatible with Windows 7, macOS 10.10 Yosemite and Android 5.1.

If you want to know even more, feel free to read our full review of the Samsung T7 Shield external SSD.

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