Routes adapted to the bicycle are advancing more and more in Europe, this is what it looks like

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As the eBike News media from around the Rhine noted, cycling routes on Apple Maps have appeared in Germany. We can expect France to have the right to it during the year 2023.

Apple Bike Maps
Source: Apple (WWDC 2020)

Apple has been offering bike routes in its Maps app for almost three years. The novelty was presented at WWDC 2020, for an initial deployment in the United States, but also in Shanghai and Beijing. Since then, this feature has gradually been introduced in many other cities… especially in the United States.

In Europe, there are few metropolises that benefit from this: we can mention London and Barcelona, ​​according to official information published by the apple firm. But it seems that Germany has also recently been entitled to it, as the media from across the Rhine claim. Electric Bike News.

Know the profile of your trips

The latter does not specify which specific city is eligible. We were still able to test the feature from an iPhone from the newsroom, simulating a cycling route in Berlin. Good news: everything works perfectly.

As you can see on the screenshots, these routes allow you to follow a truly bike-friendly route. The application is capable of planning a trip based on lanes and bike lanes, as well as all the routes adapted to the users.

Apple Maps also indicates elevation, something Google Maps has been doing since 2014 already, and the most difficult parts to take (a staircase, for example). In our example above, the tool offers three route options based on a different road profile: overall flat“for two of them”,small coastby the shortest path. It is practical depending on the effort you want to contribute.

Not yet available in France

If you want, you can even check two filter options to refine the appearance of your trip: that’s how it is “avoid hills” and the “Roads trodden”. Also, and always according toElectric Bike NewsApple’s service can even display various bike shop references during your ride.

A member of the editorial team checked on his iPhone to see if this functionality was available to us. Unfortunately, this is not the case: perhaps 2023 will finally be the right year to enjoy it properly. However, it is still interesting that Apple is expanding this feature to other European countries.

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