Revolut offers 3 months of Premium subscription for the first account opening

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Revolut is making a name for itself this time on the good side with a new offer that gets you a free Premium card account for 3 months.

It is not customary for neobanks to regularly offer welcome offers. However, good surprises can happen if you want to switch to a 100% dematerialized bank and this is the case today with Revolut, which offers a new bonus for any first account opening: 3 months subscription to a premium card offered.

What does this offer offer?

  • Cheap cards and a free offer
  • An account accessible very quickly
  • Accessible to all and without conditions

At the moment, Revolut offers 3 free months of Revolut Premium (card from 7.99 euros per month). This offer is for new customers only.

A neobank that is committed to innovation

Like N26, Revolut is the other neobank with a strong influence in the online banking market and more specifically in neobanks. Originally a UK bank, Revolut adapted to Brexit conditions by exporting to Lithuania, but recently managed to offer its French clients a FR IBAN.

Revolut is also a neobank that has relied heavily on innovation. Its “super-App” brings together a lot of features such as a WhatsApp-style chat that allows you to chat before a money transfer, the ability to book a hotel, or even support for cryptocurrencies with the recent addition of rare metals such as platinum and palladium. .

Talking about the app, the latter does a very good job with its very easy to access platform with a nice to use interface. Google Wallet and Apple Pay are also supported by the bank, so it is possible to pay with a connected watch with its NFC function.

A global offer accessible to all portfolios

On the supply side, Revolut offers 4 types of cards, one of which is completely free. The only condition to open a Revolut account is an initial deposit of 15 euros regardless of the chosen card. Rates are generally very advantageous with payment cards ranging from 2.99 to 13.99 euros per month.

In all cases, no account maintenance fees are required and card payments are free and unlimited abroad. The opening of the account is again extremely fast and in 10 minutes the account is already created and can be used through a virtual card to be used through the NFC function of your smartphone before receiving it in physical form in a few days . Be careful though, cards issued by Revolut are systematically authorized.

How to take advantage of the offer?

To get this offer, simply sign up for free by entering your phone number and download the Revolut app. From there, all you have to do is create an account with a Premium (€7.99/month) or Metal (€13.99/month) order card.

To find out even more, feel free to read our full Revolut neobank review.

What other bank to choose?

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