Recycled tires for electric bikes will be a reality in 2023

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The German company Schwalbe will be able to supply the first recycled tires for electric bicycles from 2023. The presentation of the first example will take place for the first time in June.

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Source: Anthony Wonner for Frandroid

Schwalbe is a very well known and recognized player in the world of cycling. This tire manufacturer supplies many brands around the world and has built part of its reputation on its famous balloon tyres. Due to their width, they have the ability to improve comfort and soften the roughness of the road.

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This company from across the Rhine also has the ambition to reduce its carbon footprint. To do this, it develops and implements recycling techniques, as it has been doing since 2015 with inner tubes. On this occasion, it is the turn of an element so central that it can also be recycled: tires.

Until then, most used tires are incinerated. This technique continues to be harmful to the planet and to humans, due to the toxic gases that emanate from it. To curb this phenomenon and boost the circular economy of tires, Schwalbe turns to Pyrum Innovations AG, which specializes in the recycling of used tyres.

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Source: Anthony Wonner for Frandroid

After recovering the used tires, the company proceeds to a suitable shredding, from which rubber granules result. The rest of the process is based on the so-called pyrolysis technique, which heats everything to 700° Celsius. The manufacturer then obtains pyrolysis coke (rCB), which is then sent back to Schwalbe.

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For its part, Schwalbe transforms this pyrolysis coke (rCB) into recycled tires, which it then sends to the different manufacturers of bicycles and electric bicycles according to the needs of the moment, explains the official site. Above all, this method would reduce CO2 emissions by 80%, in addition to reducing waste in case of abandoned tires.

The group does not intend to limit itself to its own tyres, as all brands and retailers are invited to join this process through Schwalbe if they wish. The first recycled tire should be presented in June 2023, according to the German magazine TAXbefore it is gradually democratized later in the year.

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