Recharging your electric car will be even easier thanks to Tesla’s biggest competitor

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Ionity announces the inauguration of two new fast charging stations in the south of France, along the A7 motorway. And for the first time, they finally have a bank card payment solution. A revolutionary and very practical feature, which will eventually roll out across the entire network.

Hyundai Ioniq 6 // Source: Clément Choulot for Frandroid

If autonomy continues to be a barrier to buying an electric car for many motorists, it will soon no longer be. Indeed, we have already shown that it does not make sense to have a car that can travel 1,000 kilometers, although some brands such as Nio or Zeekr see it differently. Because with the development of the network of charging stations, it is becoming easier to take breaks to recharge the battery. This allows manufacturers to offer smaller, cheaper batteries.

two new stations

If we are still far from the goal of 100,000 terminals promised by the end of 2021 by Emmanuel Macron, we are still starting to get closer. As a reminder, France had 85,284 charging points as of January 31. A constantly rising number that continues to climb, while Ionity has just announced the opening of two new stations in a press release.

These are installed along the A7 motorway, also known as the Autoroute du Soleil between Avignon and Orange. And more precisely at the level of the municipality of Mornas in the Vaucluse department. As specified by the consortium, founded by various manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes and the Volkswagen group, these are the largest charging stations offered in Europe.

These are then twins and installed on each side of the road, allowing in particular travelers going to Italy or returning to connect. This should be especially useful during crossings this summer. In total, there are then up to 32 electric cars that can be connected at the same time, that is, 16 in each direction, in terminals that deliver a maximum power of 350 kW and compatible with 800 volt electric cars.

Thus, the company still surpasses Tesla, whose Superchargers are currently limited to 250 kW. This should change with the V4, which could offer up to 350 kW. At the moment, Lidl offers the most powerful (and cheapest) charge in France, with 360 kW. A power that can also be found in the terminals of Kallista Energy.

A useful feature

Like the rest of the Ionity stations, the two new ones installed in the rest areas of Mornas Les Adrets and Mornas Village are freely accessible to all electric cars compatible with fast charging. Next, each terminal present in the different stations is equipped with a Combo CCS cable. If the press release does not provide details, that is probably the case for these new areas as well.

Both are equipped witha roof on which solar panels are installed, allowing you to take cover while reloading. A solution that is also being considered by Mercedes, which recently announced the development of its own charging stations, which will be integrated into the route planner of its cars. But that’s not the only advantage of these new Ionity stations.

In fact, and as indicated on the site automotive cleaningthe recently opened terminals are also equipped witha credit card payment solution. A first for the company, which should then offer this system in all its new stations. This should greatly facilitate the lives of motorists, while they must previously have a recharge card to connect. If Ionity’s press release doesn’t mention it, these new stations are logically Plug & Charge compatible.

This allows you to start charging an electric car without the need to identify yourself by card. Thus, it is charged directly to the owner’s account without having to pay at the terminal. Many manufacturers offer this feature, such as BMW, Cupra, Skoda and Tesla. Total, 120 Ionity stations are currently present in the territory, while 10 are currently under construction. This places Ionity as Tesla’s biggest competitor in fast charging networks in France.

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