Realme would shamelessly copy the main novelty of the iPhone 14 Pro

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Realme could be the first brand to apparently copy the Dynamic Island function offered by Apple in the iPhone 14 Pro. A replica that the BBK Electronics subsidiary would call “Mini Capsule”.

Realme could adopt functionality extremely close to the Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro // Source: Apple

Already replicated on Android by independent developers, the Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max could soon be duly copied, this time by a full-fledged Android smartphone maker. According to OnLeaks (in collaboration with Smart Prix), Realme would be the first to start with a feature called ” minicapsule».

As with the Apple feature, the Realme Mini Capsule would dynamically expand notifications or actions performed on the phone, but this time from the swipe at the top of the screen, as can be seen in a GIF shared bySmart Prix. In Apple, the animations of the Dynamic Island are made in turn from the “pillwhich houses the Face ID sensors.

The palm of originality… will not go to Realme

The GIF shared by SmartPrix shows in detail what will happen to the Mini Capsule when the smartphone runs out of battery, when the user plugs in the charger, and when the battery is fully charged. There is no doubt that, between now and a possible release, other animations will be in the news using the same principle.

Source: Smart Prix

Regarding the question of the release, precisely, it could happen quite quickly on certain Realme smartphones. According to SmartPrix, Madhav Sheth, VP of the brand, had shared a tweet about it a few days ago, before deleting it.

Source: Smart Prix

At the beginning of the week, the interested party had also indicated, still on Twitter, that a “very good adit would soon be relevant to one of Realme’s C-range smartphones. It could be that the announcement in question is related to this Mini Capsule feature, but we’ll probably have to wait a bit longer to be sure.

The people have spoken! We are working on a very exciting feature for our upcoming C-series smartphone. Stay tuned for the big announcement tomorrow.

— Madhav Sheth (@MadhavSheth1) February 21, 2023

Either way, one could argue that it’s only a matter of time before Realme, or a competing brand, enjoys a full copy of Apple’s functionality.

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