Ras the EQ, Mercedes could reverse the electric car

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With the advent of the electric car, several manufacturers have developed very specific ranges for their new products, such as Mercedes with its EQ range. But this nomenclature should change soon for consistency.

mercedes eqs

It was in 2019 that Mercedes launched its big offensive in the all-electric arena with the EQC, a fairly successful SUV, but one that, technically, let’s face it, a few years later, is now a bit of a slump compared to the other models. in the manufacturer’s electrical range.

To this day, the star’s firm is committed to the EQA, EQB, EQC, EQE, EQS, EQE SUV, EQS SUV, EQV, EQT and soon an EQG. A good range of electric cars, but that must soon be turned upside down.

All Mercedes will soon be electric

As manufacturers began to market electric models, new types of “secondary brands” appeared. So EQ at Mercedes, but also e-tron at Audi, ID at Volkswagen, Ioniq at Hyundai or “i” at BMW.

But Mercedes’ EQ range should be gone soon. In fact, according to the German medium Handelsblatt broadcast by Reutersgiven the fact that the German manufacturer will only offer electric cars in the futurethis type of mark within the mark itself will no longer exist.

“With the goal of our parent company Mercedes-Benz going fully electric by the end of the decade, we will adapt the positioning of the vehicles and thus also the use of the brand according to the era”a Mercedes spokesman said.

The EQXX as a cornerstone of the future electric Mercedes?

We should have the first flanges of this evolution in 2024, with a new generation of electric cars from Mercedes based on the dedicated platforms being developed. These new models should also benefit from research and development around the Mercedes EQXX concept car, the first numbers for which are simply impressive.

As a reminder, Mercedes had made its Vision EQXX travel 1,202km across Europe, between Stuttgart and Silverstone, taking over the Channel Tunnel, bettering its previous record. The 1,202 km had been covered in 14:30 hours, at an average speed of 83 km/h without any recharging.

mercedes eqxxx

This record was intended to show that a good aerodynamic job (the Cd is advertised at 0.17) was worth as much, or perhaps more, than a big, bulky battery. The Mercedes Vision EQXX consumed, on average, 8.3 kWh/100 km for a 1.7-tonne car with a 100 kWh battery.

By way of comparison, a Tesla Model 3 Propulsion, one of the most efficient electric cars, consumes about 15 kWh/100 km in the combined cycle. Eventually, and especially for more accessible models, a lower capacity battery could be developed.

We could have a first advance in the future replacement of the Mercedes CLA, which should be electric and which benefits from a suitable body (fastback sedan) to maximize weight and aerodynamics in order to increase autonomy without the need to haul. a battery as big as the one in the EQXX.

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