Ranking of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, unlimited charging pending Tesla and the Redmi A2

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Didn’t have time to follow the news yesterday? This is what marked Friday, February 17: the rebuff of the Galaxy S23 Ultra according to DXOMARK, Tesla wants to get rid of the Tesla taking advantage of unlimited charging and Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone at a very low price. To not miss any news, remember to subscribe to the Frandroid newsletter.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra // Source: Anthony Wonner – Chloé Pertuis

DXOMARK photo ranking: the cold shower for the Galaxy S23 Ultra

Against all odds, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is not among the best photophones on the market according to the DXOMARK ranking. In fact, the company specialized in laboratory tests of telephones limits it to only tenth place, to blame for various small defects observed (noise in low light, low contrast in the backlight, slight predominance of whites, etc.).

Elon Musk wants to get rid of Tesla with unlimited charging

You may not be aware of this, but some Tesla Model S and Model X owners have… free and unlimited charging. As ? Because ? Thanks to the old referral program. Except that Elon Musk somehow wants to put a stop to it and plans to add $5,000 to the trade-in price of a vehicle—a Model S or a Model X, for example—to encourage customers to buy another name-brand vehicle. .

Xiaomi prepares an ultra-affordable smartphone

Less than 100 euros: this is what the next ultra-affordable Redmi A2 could cost, according to information from Roland Quandt. More precisely, this model could be bought for 97 euros. In return, the technical sheet would be limited to necessarily modest features, such as the LCD screen (HD definition) and the 10 W charger.

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