Prepare your Valentine with this selection of technological objects

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To prepare a perfect Valentine’s night, the Frandroid Shopping Guide team has put together some tech products. Here is our little scenario of an ideal evening alone.

Valentine's Selection

Regardless of your philosophy regarding this day traditionally called the day of “lovers”, here is a step-by-step guide, to help you if you invent a special evening for your better half. Indeed, technology now accompanies us in all moments of our daily lives. In this situation, if you are teleworking, it is ideal that you start your preparations as soon as possible. Otherwise, you can adjust your schedule or adapt your program according to your wishes.

Here’s our hour-by-hour scenario of a perfect geeky Valentine’s night, warm and cozy at home… If you’re looking for a gift idea, here are some picks of tech gift ideas:

4:00 p.m.: The robot vacuum cleaner turns on


Before the night begins, it seems necessary to do a little cleaning… but will vacuuming take up too much time? Don’t panic, robot vacuum cleaners have now progressed enough to be reliable. Above all, most models also come with a companion app. Once the mapping is done, it is quite possible to schedule a cleaning in advance, before the end of your workday. Among the different models of robot vacuum available, we recommend the Hobot Legee D7 that can be found for less than 200 euros when it is on sale.

6:00 p.m.: Preparations begin

Second generation Google Nest Hub
Second generation Google Nest Hub // Source: FRANDROID / Anthony WONNER

Have you been able to free up time to refine your evening? Among the useful connected objects to program your evening, speakers with screens are ideal. They are the center of home automation and thanks to the screen it is easier to interact. Thanks to this, you will be able to create a scenario and orchestrate each connected product.

If you want to make a special menu, it is possible to show each step of the recipes through the speaker screen. It remains to anticipate your purchase, because there are several models. Our full selection of display connected speakers is available here for more information. For our part, we recommend the Google Nest Hub 2021 available from 99 euros.

Also, if you don’t have the equipment to cook efficiently, we recommend the Ultenic K10 Air Fryer. And if you’ve invested in a good bottle, the connected wine aerator. Of course, be careful, excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous to your health.

7:00 p.m.: the connected bulbs come on…

Once all your scenarios have been created, all you have to do is wait. As soon as the chosen one of your heart arrives, you can start the festivities. To have an atmosphere and therefore a light in keeping with the environment, connected light bulbs are the best to help you. With the Philips White and Color bulb kit, you can manage up to 50 bulbs simultaneously from the dedicated app. The starter kit is from 99 euros.

7 pm:… and the music starts

Sharp HT-SB100 test

Recommending a Bluetooth speaker is the easy choice if you want to improve your sound environment. By investing in a sound bar, it is possible to kill two birds with one stone. During your dinner, you can use it as a speaker by playing sound content from the Spotify or YouTube app on your TV, while making the most of your evening. Among the references that we tested, if you have a tight budget, we recommend the Sharp HT-SB110 available at 90 euros.

Anticipate: which SVOD to choose?

SVoD service logos

With the accumulation of available subscriptions and an increasingly diversified offer, sometimes we are lost. In anticipation of tonight and the next, it might be interesting to compare the streaming platforms available. In fact, there is a wide variety and for all kinds of budgets. Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, myCanal or AppleTV+, they all stand out from their competition. It is impossible to recommend just one without measure, so we advise you to read our comparison now to make the best possible choice.

9:00 p.m.: after lunch, start of the screening

Here, various options are available to you. If you are already equipped with the best TV in your opinion, there is no need to throw it all out the window under the guise of a special evening. If you get the chance, maybe go with a compact projector. Among the references of the projectors is Xiaomi, a key figure in technology. The Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact projector at 599 euros has several advantages to convince you.

Or a video game night?

From left to right: Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS5, PS4 Pro // Source: Frandroid / Arnaud GELINEAU

For those who prefer a cooperative game night, it’s also best to plan ahead. As you may have seen late last year, next-gen consoles are starting to become more and more widely available. Otherwise, you have a complete comparison to find out which version of Switch is ideal for you. In any case, you must first be well equipped to embark on these types of evenings. If you’re looking for good titles on consoles like Nintendo Switch or PlayStation, we refer you to our colleagues at Numerama.

End of the evening: you decide!

At the end of your evening, it may also be that technological objects come to give life to your privacy. As a reminder, even if you organized tonight from A to Z, your partner owes you nothing. However, if you want to surprise and mark the occasion, know that it is possible to invest in connected sex toys or not. To guide you through the jungle of sex toys, the Madmoizelle editorial team has put together a nice selection of products that are perfect for two.

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