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After the arrival of podcast playback to the YouTube Music streaming service was formalized, the precise characteristics of this support are revealed in the code of the latest application update.

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Google is preparing to launch podcast playback on YouTube Music. In an article published on Tuesday, March 14, the specialized media 9to5Google broke down the latest update to the YouTube Music app on the Android Play Store. The code of this version 5.48 reveals several options dedicated to reading podcast episodes, although these are still invisible at the moment.

Built-in features ahead of podcasts’ official arrival on YouTube Music, confirmed” In the near future at the Hot Pod Summit in late February by YouTube Podcast Director Kai Chuk.

Instead of relying on the millions of existing podcasts in video form on YouTube, it will create a special content category within YouTube Music, its separate music streaming service.

Add episodes to your playlist

The application code first reveals upcoming support for podcast show playlists. 9to5GoogleHe cites in particular two lines of code that evoke two upcoming features for a “episode added to queue” and “to listen below“, just like with its competitor Spotify.

Similarly, the media has spotted an upcoming option in the settings to force the app to listen to video podcasts in audio version only. An option already available for premium subscribers for music played in the app.

Still according to the code analyzed by9to5Googlepodcasts will appear in the “Libraryof the application It would also be possible to download them for offline listening, and these would appear in the same place as the downloaded songs. The search bar should also allow you to find podcasts. Finally, the service’s upcoming sleep timer will support multi-hour countdowns to accommodate the podcast format.

Audio ad-supported podcasts

Therefore, Google seems ready to put online podcast support in its audio and video streaming app soon. According to the official announcement at the end of February, this support should come to the US first, although Video Podcasts should not be available initially.

.@Youtube will soon be distributing podcasts through @Youtube Music. Listeners will be able to consume podcasts with a locked screen.#HotPodSummit @onairfest

— Arielle Nissenblatt (sounds like ‘this and that’) (@arithisandthat) February 23, 2023

The YouTube podcast director had already mentioned some upcoming features. Episodes will usually be able to play in the background even after you lock your phone. It should also be possible to start a podcast on one device and then continue listening to it on another. However, Kai Chuk announced the presence of audio advertising, such as for listening to music in the application.

So we have a pretty good idea of ​​the upcoming support for podcasts on YouTube Music. Despite everything, we still do not know if some of the mentioned functions will be conditioned to a subscription to YouTube Music Premium of 10 euros per month, as is the case with music today.

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