Pixel’s (really) magic eraser is coming to all smartphones, but there’s a catch

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Google has announced the arrival of the “magic eraser” of Google Photos to all Android and iOS smartphones… as long as they are subscribed to the Google One service.

The magic eraser in Google Photos
The magic eraser in Google Photos // Source: Google

In September 2021, with its Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Google introduced a particularly interesting new feature within its image-editing app, Google Photos: the magic eraser. This small function allows, like the correction in Photoshop, to remove an element from a photo, simply by circling it with your finger or highlighting it, with very convincing results.

However, this feature has so far been limited to Google’s Pixel smartphones only. Unlike other Google Photos features exclusive to subscribers of the Google One service, which extends Google’s cloud storage, only Google smartphone users could use this magic eraser, even though it was a software feature built into the application available for all android smartphones.

If there was little doubt that the magic eraser would one day arrive for all users of Google Photos subscribed to Google One, its availability, however, will have taken a year and a half. In fact, Google announced on Thursday, February 23, the arrival of the magic eraser for all Google One subscribers, both on Android and iPhone smartphones. Also, this feature will be offered free of charge for owners of Pixel smartphones, even those prior to Pixel 6.

no magic eraser
after the magic eraser

In a blog post, the firm explains that “Google One members, on Android and iOS, and all Pixel users can enjoy Magic Eraser, a new HDR video effect, and new collage styles.This integration of the magic eraser will not only allow you to remove an element from an image, but also to camouflage them by changing their hue to make them less conspicuous with garish colors.

A new HDR video mode and free shipping

Google also announced other features for its Google One subscribers, such as an Auto HDR mode on video to brighten shadows or darken bright areas. Finally, Google One subscribers can also take advantage of free shipping for their photo prints in the Google Store.

These different functions have been rolled out since Thursday. They should soon be available to all users subscribed to Google One, whether in the United States or France. Remember that the Google One service also allows, in Google Photos, storage from 2 TB and up to 20 TB in Google cloud services. In Google Photos, it also offers some exclusive features thanks to the various editing tools.

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