Paris is going all out for the 2024 Olympics with lots of new facilities

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The city of Paris and the department of Seine-Saint-Denis have announced that they want to strengthen the network of bike lanes by 2024. In the spotlight: the Olympic Games, all of which will be accessible by bike.

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Source: City of Paris

The coronavirus had the right to its “coronapistas”, the 2024 Olympic Games will have its “Olympists”. In a press release published on February 14, 2023, the City of Paris revealed its ambitions in terms of cycle lanes for the Paris Olympic Games. ” All competition sites can be reached by two-wheeler.“, promises the municipality.

To this end, 60 km of cycle paths have been planned. At the moment, “30 km already completed or in progress“, we learn inRelease. The French newspaper gives some details about the axes and the areas involved.

10,000 temporary parking spaces

We learn in particular that theThe Boulevard Beaumarchais, for example, will be developed between now and the Games to fill in the missing link at the Republic and the Bastille.“. Like the Pont du Carrousel that acts as a junction point between the north and south of Paris. In total, there are therefore 30 km of trails to be built to achieve the objectives set.

The Paris site also mentions new facilities that will service the Porte de la Chapelle and its new Arena. Another lane will cross the center of Paris to the Parc des Princes, while a track will be in charge of joining the Stade de France through the Saint-Denis canal.

These developments will also benefit from specific signage. Those located near the Olympic sites will be adorned with pictograms and the colors of the Games, we read. Even more relevant, these clues will be maintained over time and will therefore be preserved after the big sports party.

To complete this plan, the city council intends to add 10,000 temporary parking spaces in the Olympic venues. “After the Games, these car parks will be redistributed to sports centers, schools or municipal facilities.“, It is announced.

Seine-Saint-Denis also plays an important role

This is a more than pertinent and logical idea here, given the flow of viewers expected during the 15 days of competition. At the same time, the Autolib’ Vélib’ Métropole union will renew its fleet by 2024 with 15,000 new bicycles, which represents an increase of 3,000 self-service bicycles.

For its part, the Seine-Saint-Denis department is also committed to this path, since 25 new kilometers will be bikeable by 2024, when 3,000 permanent parking spaces will also emerge from the ground around the Stade de France here for the Games.

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