Paid ChatGPT, rival to the Citroën Ami and very durable electric bike – Tech news of the week

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The week of January 23, 2023 was marked by some notable news: a paid subscription arrived on ChatGPT, a competitor to the Citroën Ami appears, and a very durable and powerful electric bike caught our eye.

A paid ChatGPT subscription, but what for?

It was only a matter of time before OpenAI monetized its famous chatbot ChatGPT, since the global success has been dazzling and impressive. Therefore, the company introduced a paid subscription called “Professional,” billed at $42 per month. For this price, you get access to three main privileges: continuous availability, responses without speed limits and unlimited messages.

The Citroën Ami has a new rival

The electric urban microcar segment has seen several new models arrive in recent months. The Citroën Ami, which is the most emblematic and well-known of all, will face a new competitor named Kate K1. The latter is made in France and could be available in two versions: one of the light quadricycle type, the other of the heavy quadricycle type.

Stealth Overlander: An E-Bike That Has You Under The Pedal

The Stealth Overlander is a very promising urban electric bike on paper: a theoretical range of 100 km… but also and above all an incredible torque of 100 Nm that should guarantee more than powerful dynamism. For now, this model is based on a crowdfunding campaign, together with an introductory offer of 3,000 euros.

Video of the week: unpopular opinions from the newsroom

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