Our technological and geek gift ideas for less than 100 euros in 2023

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Are you drying for a good gift idea? Look no further than we’ve compiled a list of the best tech gifts for you under $100.

Gift ideas Frandroid 100 euros

Finding a good technological gift for less than 100 euros is not that difficult. Whether it’s for a birthday, for an event or just to please – there’s plenty to choose from. But you still need some inspiration!

Here are our top tech gift ideas:

From audio to smartwatches, good products abound. And if your budget is higher, read our selection of gifts for less than 200 euros.

Nothing Ear (1) : la petite bombe sonore

Nothing Ear 1 headphones are partially transparent

The first product of Nothing, the new company of Carl Pei, one of the founders of OnePlus, the Ear (1) surprises with its design. Using a clear plastic on part of the case and the ear cups works well. Its good resistance together with the IPX4 certification (which guarantees resistance to splashes and perspiration) allows its use during sports practice.

On the sound side, the in-ears (1) do not try to impress and offer an extremely balanced reproduction, with all frequency ranges well represented. Both spatialization and stereo reproduction are impeccable. But where the headphones are dazzling is at the level of active noise reduction that blows away everything that is made at this price level and turns out to be a nice gift at a reduced price. However, beware, the brand has announced an imminent price increase for its flagship headphones.

These headphones stand out for their unparalleled quality and features at this price, we say all the good things we think about them in our Nothing(1) ear test.

where to buy the

Nothing Ear (1) at the best price?

Amazon Kindle: thousands of books at your fingertips

We are not going to lie to ourselves, a bit like the Goncourt of the year, the reading light is a navigational gift. Although that doesn’t mean it’s bad. For under 100 euros, the basic Kindle does a job that couldn’t be more honorable.

It is compact, light and solid. And if its 6-inch screen isn’t the most detailed we’ve tested, it’s readable in all circumstances. Even the night does not scare him thanks to its integrated lighting. Kindles’ other big strength is the Kindle Store, by far the largest platform in the e-book marketplace.

Where to buy

Amazon Kindle 2019 at the best price?

And if you don’t want to give away an Amazon product, the Kobo Nia is a great alternative. Their features are almost identical, but Kobo has a much more open policy when it comes to supporting different eBook formats.

where to buy the

Kobo Nia at the best price?

Google Nest Audio: a very good connected speaker

Still clad in fabric, this Nest Audio is bigger than its predecessor and uses this space to improve itself from an audio standpoint. the subwoofer and the tweeter Offers 360° sound. This connected speaker also features Ambiant IQ technology, which calibrates rendering based on the room in which it is used.

Google needs the speaker, the brand’s voice assistant is also part of it with all its ultra-practical functions on a day-to-day basis. Set reminders, ask what the weather will be like or what route to take… The speaker can even recognize different voices thanks to Voice Match technology. All this makes it a great control center for all the connected devices in the house.

Read our full Google Nest Audio review to see its capabilities. And if the gift recipient is more interested in Apple or Amazon than Google, the HomePod Mini and Amazon Echo are great alternatives.

where to buy the

Google Nest Audio at the best price?

Huawei Watch Fit: a small connected watch that has it on the tummy

The Huawei Watch Fit

If it is officially sold as a connected watch, the Huawei Watch Fit is in practice half-connected bracelets due to its small size and its elongated screen. The latter makes it much more discreet than average.

His duties clearly direct him towards supporting athletes. In addition to the cardiac sensor, we are entitled to a blood oxygenation analysis and a GPS completes the set.

The last great strength of this device is its autonomy. Go through the week without worries with the heart rate monitor and sleep monitoring activated! A perfect gift for less than 100 euros. Read our Huawei Watch Fit review to find out more.

where to buy the

Huawei Watch Fit at the best price?

UE Wonderboom 3: the small speaker that sends heavy

This third version of the UE Wonderboom takes up its particularly nice compact and round design. Dressed in mesh fabric, this affordable Bluetooth speaker is designed above all for use on the go. Therefore, it is waterproof and is not afraid of dust and sand.

Among its other strong points, we highlight an autonomy that reaches 13 hours, but above all a surprising power reserve from the sonorous point of view. The rendering is clearly not meant to be audiophile, but it will be enough to add sound to most environments.

A very good little speaker that will delight both adventurers and those who prefer to stay by the fire. It’s also a nice gift at a low price that we were able to test.

Where to buy

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 at the best price?

Sennheiser 350 BT: comfortable and durable

Released in 2021, the Sennheiser 350 BT is already establishing itself as a benchmark for affordable headphones. In the ears, it does not disappoint. First, because it shows a beautiful, relatively well-balanced sound reproduction. On the other hand, we notice a somewhat messy sound at high volume.

The headphones are of the circumaural type, which means that the ear cups surround the ears. This naturally offers good passive isolation and also good comfort, as the headphones do not put pressure on the ears. Finally, the Sennheiser 350 BT benefits from a great advantage: its comfortable autonomy of about thirty hours. The Sennheiser 350 BT is almost flawless, it’s hard to ask for more at this price.

where to buy the

Sennheiser HD 350 BT at the best price?

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

The instax Mini 11 // Credits: Yazid Amer for Frandroid

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 is the perfect little gift for those who love to take instant photos. Immediately after taking the photo, the photo will be printed on a sheet of film that will come out of the camera. Convenient to take photos with friends to always have them by your side.

Available in various colors ranging from blue to white through mauve, turquoise or pink, the operation of this instant camera is extremely simple. The photo is taken in 3 steps: turn on the camera, adjust the brightness, and press the shutter button. The photo will exit the camera a few seconds later. For selfies, a small mirror is attached to the side of the lens to ensure framing.

Lenovo Smart Clock connected alarm clock

The Lenovo Smart Clock is, as its name suggests, an intelligent alarm clock that integrates Google’s Smart Displays system. This alarm clock consists of a small 4-inch screen housed in a casing with a design largely -and voluntarily- similar to Google Home products with this fabric covering. Integrating Google Assistant, it offers the same possibilities as Google Home: set an alarm, check your calendar, etc.

This alarm clock has a speaker with acceptable performance that will allow you to play music or listen to the radio from the foot of your bed. The upper part of the product is a touch area to increase or decrease the sound or to doze the alarm clock by touching it. The screen adapts to the environment so as not to disturb the user in the middle of the night. For example, at night it will turn black and white so as not to hurt the eyes and not interfere with sleep.

Lenovo’s Smart Clock is a bit like the connected alarm clock we dreamed of 15 years ago and really like, as our Lenovo Smart Clock test shows.

where to buy the

Lenovo Smart Watch at the best price?

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