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RED by SFR is the “non-binding” subsidiary of the operator in the red square. It is distinguished by its unique offer that can be adjusted according to your needs. Here’s our take on RED.

Who is RED by SFR?

First appearing in 2011, RED by SFR is a range of very popular mobile plans (and internet box). Available without obligation, it stands out from its competitors by a unique offer, but flexible at will. In 2015, with Altice’s acquisition of Virgin Mobile and Numericable, the RED by SFR formula was reinvented and benefited from a new visual identity. Former Virgin Mobile customers with commitment are then repatriated to the SFR offers, while those used to not commit switch to the RED offer.Do you want a phone equipped with a plan with commitment? Then you will have to move to SFR. Conversely, if you prefer not to compromise, RED by SFR is the right candidate. However, it is possible to purchase a smartphone with your plan, but you will not benefit from a significant subsidy from the operator. Some phones are still at a slight discount.

Red by SFR mobile, fiber and ADSL offers

There are usually 2-3 mobile plans available on RED

If the RED by SFR offer previously had a single offer on the mobile side, it has largely evolved over time to offer more varied mobile plans in parallel with the arrival of 5G. In general, the operator offers between 2 and 3 packages with envelopes ranging from 1 to 200 GB, some special operations can even go up to 300 GB, all in 4G or 5G. Once you’ve chosen your basic plan, you can select the options to add. These are not required, but may have interesting features for some users. The most important option is the so-called “International” option that allows you to take advantage of 30 GB of Internet data in the US, Switzerland, the EU, the French overseas departments and Canada. An interesting addition for users used to traveling abroad and that can be canceled or renewed every month, depending on the trip.

Note that it is also possible to subscribe with a mobile phone, often with preferential prices and trade-in bonuses, even on high-end smartphones.

On the fiber and ADSL side, the offers compete directly with other low-cost operators such as B&You at Bouygues Télécom or Sosh at Orange. For less than 20 euros per month in general, you get a fiber or ADSL line with up to 500 Mb/s to download and upload, which is already 200 Mb/s more than Sosh and 100 Mb/s more than Bouygues Télécom with your Bbox Fit. Then, after a year of subscription, the price of the offer rises to 28.99 euros per month.

The strength of RED’s Internet offering is its versatility. It is possible, for example, to switch to a Wifi 6 router and upload to 1 Gb/s in download and send for a few extra euros per month or get a TV decoder and the addition of 100 TV channels on top of the basic offer. (the 35 DTT channels). Landline telephony is not left out either, with unlimited basic calls to landlines but also to mobiles, the latter generally being offered.

It is possible to fully customize your subscription with RED

The quality of the SFR network in 4G and 5G from RED by SFR

Paying less for your package is good. But it is still necessary that it is not to the detriment of the quality of the service. Although they are separate brands, RED by SFR customers have the same antenna network as SFR customers, as well as the same customer service (although with priority for SFR customers).SFR network covers more than 99% in 4G according to ARCEP. So it’s hard not to be covered by a RED by SFR package. As for 5G, it is much more concentrated in big cities, but the operator has a large number of 3.5GHz sites (which are considered real 5G) with more than 4,000 antennas, behind only Orange and its more than 4,500 branches. RED by SFR Being a non-binding offer, nothing prevents you from canceling if you notice that the network coverage in your home is deficient.

The best packages of the moment.

If RED by SFR has not convinced you, you can check the best mobile plans of the moment thanks to our comparator.

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unlimited calls

150 Go in France

30 Go to Europe

4G RED Package
200 go

unlimited calls

200 Go in France

24 Go in Europe

Pricetel 4G package
Oxygen 20 to 60 GB

unlimited calls

20 Go – 60 Go in France

15 Go to Europe

All mobile plans

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