Our opinion on Bouygues Telecom’s low cost offers in 2023

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B&you represents Bouygues Télécom’s no-compromise, low-cost brand. The latter, unlike Sosh, only offers mobile plans, unlike Sosh and RED, which have Fiber and ADSL offers.

Who’s B&You?

B&You was created on July 18, 2011 and represents Bouygues Télécom’s response to the arrival of Free on the telecommunications market. The service came in front of Sosh in Orange and RED in SFR.

Its main objective was therefore to offer new packages at low prices and without compromise, so that Bouygues Télécom customers had an option that could compete with the aggressive prices of Free. At the end of 2014, B&You disappeared as a brand in its own right, later becoming a non-binding range of packages attached to parent company Bouygues Telecom.

Like many unbranded packages, B&You does not have specific physical stores. However, it is possible to subscribe to B&You plans in Bouygues Télécom stores. Customer service is also the same as for Bouygues Telecom customers and is provided by phone or direct chat with an advisor.

B&You: mobile plans that focus on special series

B&You offers no-obligation packages that include unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, Europe and overseas departments. Calls are also unlimited to international landline numbers in 120 different destinations, for example, Africa, Asia and America.

On the price side, the so-called special series» limited in time they constitute the heart of the range with mobile plans with a very advantageous data/price ratio, especially if we compare them with the usual Bouygues mobile plans, which tend to be more expensive and with a commitment of up to 12 months, even without mobileroaming. Remember to visit our Good Deals page to be the first to know if there’s a new special series going on with the operator.

Bouygues Telecom packages are much less advantageous in terms of price

The only disadvantage of B&You refers to data valid abroad: divide the data included in your plan by at least two. For example, for a 200 GB package at 15.99 euros per month, you have “only” 25 GB abroad, while a similar package in Bouygues will be around 80 GB for a similar package. This is an element to take into account if you plan to travel abroad. Nor do we have options to go beyond Europe, unlike Free or RED that offer the possibility of using part of your mobile data in the USA, Canada and even sometimes in Asia.

B&You special series are limited in time

It should also be noted that all B&You packages can be accompanied by the purchase of a smartphone. Phones from most manufacturers and the latest generation are offered, some with promotion.

No-obligation payment options

While B&you doesn’t offer fiber and ADSL deals unlike its competitors, no doubt to make room for the operator’s Bbox deals, mobile plans do offer some paid options that can make all the difference, especially for people who use their phone. mobile.

We highlight, for example, the incorporation of 5G for 3 euros more per month, the incorporation of a second number through the Onoff option or even the Norton 360 protection for 5 euros more per month.

The second best network in France

One of the main advantages of the B&You packages lies mainly in its network. The offer benefits from the same antenna network as Bouygues Télécom customers. The latter is often cited as the second best network in France in terms of coverage and area, just behind Orange according to ARCEP and roughly at the same level as SFR in 4G.

The operator’s national 4G coverage is guaranteed by more than 72,000 antennas distributed throughout metropolitan France and offering all possible frequencies. On the 5G side, the operator ranks second behind Orange for 3.5GHz sites (4,292 sites) for 12,702 total 5G sites.

operators 700MHz (B28) 800MHz (B20) 1800MHz (B3) 2100MHz (B1) 2600MHz (B7)
Orange 13,480 27 768 21 840 16 057 12 270
SFR 6 404 24 028 16,296 12 619 10 130
Bouygues Telecom 10 604 24 188 16,375 11 356 10 088
Free 23 611 0 19,432 5 986 18,798

However, note that according to ARCEP, Bouygues has lost its number two position in mobile networks in rural and sparsely populated areas to SFR and especially Free. It’s even more unfortunate that he’s had a real advantage on this point in recent years. This is a criterion to take into account if you live in these areas or municipalities. In this case, we will always advise you to check the network coverage near you,

The best packages of the moment.

If B&You has not convinced you, you can check the best mobile plans of the moment thanks to our comparator.

B&You Mobile Ski Pass
200 go

unlimited calls

200 Go in France

25 Go to Europe

Pricetel 4G package
Oxygen 20 to 60 GB

unlimited calls

20 Go – 60 Go in France

15 Go to Europe

Coriolis 5G Mobile Plan
210 go

unlimited calls

210 Go in France

25 and Europe

All mobile plans

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