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The assembly of a desktop computer is halfway between the myth and the decisive step to have a team close to your needs. To do this, Frandroid accompanies you by listing which hardware to choose step by step to create the gaming PC of your dreams.

Our recommended PC configurations

Want to build your own gaming PC, but don’t know where to start? You don’t need to put too much pressure on yourself beforehand, as frandroid is here to help Building your own PC has never been easier, with every part designed to be the easiest to set up. Before worrying about a possible installation, it is necessary to previously identify each piece of equipment to be purchased. The other solution is to choose among the best laptops on the market.

First, you need to do some preparations. First, choosing the budget that you are going to invest in the entire assembly. Also, the important tools for building the PC should be prepared. Reserve a small work space in advance so you don’t feel overwhelmed. It is necessary to bring a number 0 Phillips screwdriver that will be useful for all the elements. Finally, provide a small 8 GB USB key to install the operating system program.

To assemble a PC here is the material to gather:

  • a computer case
  • a processor
  • a graphics card
  • a motherboard
  • RAM memories
  • an SSD
  • a feeding
  • a cooler

Choose your PC size: What PC case do you need?

Determining in advance the size of your future machine will allow you to better choose all its components. Also see where you want to put your new PC. If it’s meant to sit under your desk, you might not need to think about a clear glass panel and RGB lights. Our selection of gaming PC cases is available to peruse if you want to make your choice. Among our tips, we recommend the Fractal Design Define 7 Compact case. It is a compact and silent model, built in brushed black aluminum. This one is remarkably available on Amazon at a price of 167 euros.

Our recommendations for PC cases:

The brain of your PC: the processor

The processor, also called the CPU, is the true heart of your machine. Two brands stand out in this sector: Intel and AMD. It takes care of running all the necessary programs and has an impact on all categories of use of your computer. If the number of cores and threads is important for the execution, it will be necessary to think about the RAM memory that must accompany this CPU. If you want a broader vision of the sector, we recommend you read our buying guide dedicated to CPUs. For a totally reasonable price, we recommend the Intel Core i5-13600FK with 14 cores and 20 threads. This is offered at a price of 369 euros on Rue du Commerce.

Our processor recommendations:

The true star of the PC: its graphics card

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card // Source: Arnaud Gelineau – Frandroid

If you follow tech news, you can’t miss one of the highlights: the availability of graphics cards and their sometimes exorbitant prices. However, those that are also called GPUs are essential for the proper functioning of your PC. Historically, Nvidia has long monitored the market, although with AMD’s scarcity and progress, the manufacturer’s position is no longer as dominant. Especially the new generations of RTX can be found at pretty crazy prices. At the heart of our guide to the best graphics cards, you’ll find the most interesting references, whether from Nvidia or AMD. For our part, we recommend the GeForce RTX 3070 Eagle which is around 599 euros on Rue du Commerce.

Our graphics card recommendations:

The control tower: its base plate

It certainly looks harmless, but the motherboard is an essential part of your future PC. Indeed, it is an element that houses a large part of the other essential components: RAM memory, graphics card or processor. This is one of the parts where you have to be careful. Brands inflate the price of motherboards by adding features that are not always necessary. Above all, it is important to respect the “sockets” of the motherboard. Each item is designed to work with compatible products. If you have too powerful items, the set simply won’t work. at[person]’s house frandroid, we advise you to choose a fairly basic motherboard, but one that you can improve later. For example, an MSI Pro B660M-P is a good option for a $119 Intel processor. Note, however, that it doesn’t include WiFi or Bluetooth, so an additional network card is required.

Our motherboard recommendations:

The complementary number: RAM memory

Random Access Memory has often been the subject of all fantasies, kept up by brand marketing. RAM can contain temporary data, which is immediately identified and executed by the processor. In our selection of RAM memories you will find equipment at a good price and that cover various uses. If DDR4 is the majority right now, it’s also worth checking out DDR5, which hit the market a short time ago and is still quite expensive. For gaming, we recommend having at least 16 GB of RAM. Our recommendation is the Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB DDR4 bar that is on Amazon for 95 euros.

Our RAM memory recommendations:

Lots of memory: an SSD or a hard drive?

Samsung’s 980 Pro supports the new PCIe 4.0 standard // Source: Samsung

Storage is an essential element for any good PC, let alone gaming. For this, you can choose between the traditional hard drive or the M.2 SSD. It is necessary to review our selection dedicated to SSDs to find the ideal product. If you want to choose a hard drive, you can do so from our buying guide. The M.2 standard is more compact, easier to install, and superior in performance. The NVMe protocol also allows for higher performance than is currently available. Our recommendation in frandroid It is the Samsung 980 Pro NVMe M.2 SSD available at 114 euros on Amazon.

Our SSD recommendations:

The power supplier of your PC: the power supply

RM650x Corsair

Despite the impression of repetition, the power supply is an indispensable element for your PC. Understand: no power, no power… No power, no PC and no PC, no PC. Choosing the right power supply is often overlooked, but if you make a mistake, you can sometimes be irreparably damaged. In this case, you need to choose a power supply according to your graphics card. Here with an RTX 3070 it is necessary to have at least 650 W. The Plus Gold certification is one of the best in terms of quality/price ratio to offer good energy efficiency, without loss. The Corsair RM650x 650 W 80 Plus Gold power supply sold at 104 euros is a good choice.

Our gastronomic recommendations:

Keeping a cool head: a cooling system

Powerful performance is nice, but it’s better to keep your PC in good shape. Within our selection of coolers and water cooling AIO, you will find the best cooling systems. You can choose between air or liquid cooling. Be careful with making the right choice, because a good cooler is capable of outperforming a cooling system. water cooling, all for less. The important thing is to properly calibrate the degree of cooling necessary to preserve your entire PC. That is why our recommendation is for the Noctua NH-U12S heatsink sold at 54.90 euros on Amazon.

Our freshest recommendations:

The screen monitor: a PC gamer screen

The last essential element to complete all your configuration is the interface. If there are ultra-wide screens to benefit from quality immersion, they are still quite expensive. We suggest you choose from our selection of PC gaming screens. Of course, you will have to be attentive to the performance of your PC and that these are in accordance with your consumption of video games. Also pay attention to your budget. Certainly the Dell Alienware 34 QD-OLED display is attractive, but at €1299, it can nearly double your final slate. Instead we recommend the Asus VG27AQ at 399 euros in LDLC.

Our recommendations for PC gaming monitors:

The choice of security: take a PC UPSEaton UPS for PC

This last item is not really essential. Its purpose is more to keep you safe and your PC healthy. Inverters are good investments to protect against voltage fluctuations and power outages. In our buying guide dedicated to PC UPSs, you will find all the explanations to buy the best one for your equipment. As a reminder, here, it’s a choice of comfort. However, if you are interested, we advise you to invest in the Eaton Ellipse ECO 1200 available at 155 euros on Amazon.

Our recommended PC configurations:

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Why build your PC yourself?

Unlike a machine already built from scratch, building a PC already will allow you to have a gaming computer that meets your needs without breaking your budget. Above all, if you need additional power or new hardware, it is possible to add it to your PC later.

Is it difficult to assemble your PC?

If you are new to this, it will take several hours. Make sure beforehand that you have all the necessary tools and space to carry out the operation. In order to help you, the team at frandroid You also prepare a work on the assembly of each piece, step by step.

Feel free to go step by step, without rushing, making sure to stay well organized. If in doubt, consult the various specialized websites or even tutorials on YouTube.

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