Orange and Sosh will increase their prices, read your emails carefully

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As expected, Orange begins to warn its customers of the price increase scheduled for 2023. So be careful with your emails if you do not want to overpay.

Not really a surprise, Orange announced it in December. However, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) is beginning to communicate more widely with its customers about raising the price of its subscriptions for 2023.

package increase

Several members of the newsroom have received an email warning them that the price of their package will increase. Thus, Orange ADSL or Open subscribers will see their bill increase by two euros per month, while subscribers to Orange or Sosh fiber and mobile offers (including ADSL) will see their bill increase by one euro per month.

Orange specifies that this increase is linked to “a significant increase in operating costs, particularly the energy that powers mobile networks and the Internet“. However, only a part of this increase is transferred to the clients of the French telecom giant, according to him.

Sosh increases its prices // Source: Frandroid

The pricing change will be effective from April 2023. As this is a change to the terms of the initial contract, this means that those who want to can cancel their subscription free of charge within four months of receiving the email informing them of the change.

The growl too

On social media, multiple users They complain about this price increase, and even more about the choice of packages available. While new subscribers have recently been entitled to great deals, existing subscribers have limited options. Therefore, some plan to change their mobile plan or Internet plan for less expensive offers, at least while they wait for Orange and Sosh to offer new promotions to attract new customers.


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