Online banking returns with a new bonus of 150 euros

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Here we go again with a new welcome offer at Fortuneo. Online banking this time offers a premium of up to 150 euros for any new account that is signed up in the coming days.

In early 2023, online banks want to introduce themselves through new welcome offers. And this weekend, Fortuneo has come forward with a new welcome offer for a limited time to get up to 150 euros through a card account.

What is an online account at Fortuneo?

  • A bank account through a simple application
  • With credit card without income condition
  • No commissions abroad!

Current course offering until February 16, 2023 and allows you to obtain a bonus of up to 150 euros for opening an account in Fortuneo. She is only available to new customers. Don’t forget to enter the promo code FTNFEV23 to qualify for this bonus.

A proven online bank

Fortuneo is a subsidiary of the Crédit Mutuel Arkéa group. When opening your account, the choice of your future bank card will define its terms. You can then choose between 4 Mastercard cards for all budgets. Indeed, you will have to prove your income to obtain the CB Mastercard (minimum 1,200 euros), the Gold Mastercard (minimum 1,800 euros) and the World Elite CB Mastercard (minimum 4,000 euros). The FOSFO Mastercard is income unconditional.

All of these cards have no account maintenance fee for as long as you use them. Then you will have to pay once a month for the first three to meet the free conditions. Rates can range from 3 to 5 euros per month depending on the card chosen.

Mastercard cards do not charge commissions for payments and withdrawals anywhere in the world. It also depends on the services offered. Some even offer insurance for your leisure and travel. You will also benefit from higher payment limits with Gold MasterCard or World Elite, for example.

A practical application, but rather basic

The app itself is simple, though it doesn’t match the level of some other online banks, like Boursorama Banque, for example. Even if you benefit from live transaction viewing or virtual card creation.

It has seen many updates to catch up over time, with budget management tools or the ability to temporarily block your bank card. But other than a menu to view stock prices, nothing really new under the sun.

If you want to learn more about Fortuneo, read our full review.

How to sign up and get up to 150 euros?

When you sign up, after filling out a form, all you need to do is provide a tax notice to prove your income. An initial deposit of 300 euros will also be required when opening your new account. To benefit from the offer, you must register before February 16, 2023 and enter the promotion code “FTNFEV23”. Your file must be finalized within a maximum period of 2 weeks.

Whichever card you choose, you will have to make 5 payments before September 12 to benefit from the 70 euros that they offer you. If you opt for the Mastercard Gold, with the same previous condition, you will receive an additional 80 euros, or 150 euros in total; paid directly into your Fortuneo account. Only these two cards are eligible for the offer. Five payments will be required from the subscribed card within 90 days of account opening and before money is transferred to the account within 2 weeks.

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