OnePlus shows some images of its beautiful mechanical and RGB keyboard

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OnePlus will hold an event on February 7 in India that will allow it to showcase various products on the site. Among them is a stylish mechanical keyboard whose production should go live in March. We found out this week through some images and a teaser video.

Here are the first snippets of images of the OnePlus keyboard, and it promises // Source: OnePlus via 91Mobiles

In addition to its OnePlus 11, already launched in China, and its Buds Pro 2, OnePlus will have a mechanical keyboard (yes, you read that right) to show us on February 7 at a new event planned in India. A first for the brand, which therefore wants to highlight this new product as much as possible.

A product with a rather attractive design, it must be admitted, which is revealed this week through the first two images and a few seconds video announcement presented on January 23, by OnePlus France. An interesting publication in itself, since it implies that the brand will launch this keyboard well in our latitudes… and not only in India or more generally in Asia.

OnePlus keyboard: what to expect?

As indicated in 91mobilesTherefore, the OnePlus mechanical keyboard will be launched in India in early February, but its mass production would not take place until March. Therefore, it is possible that its entry into the European market will take place in the spring. On the design side, OnePlus has obviously sought to revive the nostalgia that lies dormant in us, with colors and shapes that smell good of the 90s (it vaguely reminds us of the IBM Model M, for example).

Our first mechanical keyboard, available February 7

— OnePlus France (@oneplus_fr) January 23, 2023

There are also some splashes of color here and there to highlight some important keys and a red button. In the video, however, the latter is replaced by a kind of textured and transparent wheel, which can direct us to a customizable or interchangeable control.

On the back of the keyboard, there are also two selectors that will let you choose between Mac or PC (Linux compatibility is also mentioned); and between USB or Bluetooth connection modes. Obviously, this is also where we can turn off the keyboard. A USB-C connector is finally relevant for connection or charging.

Source: OnePlus via 91Mobiles

91mobiles otherwise evokes a design to ” double seal » which should offer better resistance to dust and dirt, but also better comfort and tidy acoustics (less noise). OnePlus also promises an experience ” padding while maintaining a superior writing experience It also looks like there will be custom profiles available.

wholesale,91mobilesfinally it specifies that RGB backlighting is also in the menu and that it will be possible to change theswitcheson the progress. More information to come in two weeks… this time from an official source.

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