OnePlus challenges its founding principles by launching a new PC display

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OnePlus’ arrival on the PC display market in 2023 isn’t really a surprise, but it might have been a few years ago.

Source: One Plus

The OnePlus 11 has managed to convince many specialists, including us, that the Chinese brand is still relevant and interesting. It’s a surprise, because OnePlus has changed a lot lately. It reached out to its parent company Oppo, then announced wireless headphones and, most recently, a mechanical keyboard for PCs and an Android tablet. On the smartphone side, OnePlus has merged its interface with that of Oppo.


Now, OnePlus has introduced the Monitor E 24 in India. A 24-inch PC screen that is committed to value for money. As stated on the product site, this is a versatile monitor that remains relatively basic. For about 135 euros to change, it offers a 24-inch diagonal IPS panel in Full HD definition with a 75 Hz refresh rate. As for the design, it is fine, with metal support and thin edges, it looks like a Dell monitor.

Source: One Plus

It offers USB-C connectivity, but with a power supply of just 18 watts, so it won’t be able to power a laptop or MacBook. Obviously, there is HDMI 1.4 as a classic connector.

As you can see, OnePlus is not going to shine with this product. We found just as good, and even better, in the competition, including Dell, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc. It is interesting to observe OnePlus’ diversification strategy, which goes against the company’s initial strategy that aimed to limit the number of products sold in order to better control quality and communication. As for a possible availability of this screen in Europe, it is far from confirmed.

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