one more reason to wait before buying a Tesla

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For many months, Tesla removed radar from its vehicles, slightly reducing autonomous driving capabilities. If your famous Tesla Vision is currently working, it looks like radar will be back soon. Hardware details have just been revealed.

The “world” seen by Tesla’s FSD. Credit: Romain Heuillard for Frandroid

We recently shared details of Tesla’s infamous HW4, which is coming soon to the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y. the return of a very important component: the radar.

Tesla Vision: a 180 degree turn

Since May 2021, Teslas no longer have radar, and rely solely on cameras for everything related to driving aids and autonomous driving. Initially deployed in the United States, Tesla Vision is now the manufacturer’s standard wherever it sells its electric cars, and in Europe in particular.

Unfortunately, many limitations have arisen due to the disappearance of the radar: Capricious weather, fog, or even low sun are all practical cases that make Tesla Autopilot to blame today..

Tesla’s autopilot no longer relies solely on cameras // Source: Tesla

As of late spring 2022, we’re letting you know that Tesla might go back and put radar on its vehicles. These were rumors of a high-definition radar. Now they are confirmed by official documents of the FCC (Federal Communications Commission of the United States).

Tesla describes this radar to the FCC as a “rNon-pulsed automotive adar that operates in the 76-77 GHz spectrum and supports 3 detection modes ». Below you will find images of this famous radar made available by the FCC.

This new radar will be probably reserved for new vehiclesno possibility of installation in the current Tesla, specify greentheonly on Twittera known informant in the Tesla community.

The remaining questions are likely to be answered at Tesla Investor Day on March 1, with the most important being: Will autonomous driving be linked to this hardware 4 and this new radar?

Tesla has been selling optional self-driving capability for many years (7,500 euros in France, $15,000 in the US), with the promise that current vehicles can eventually be 100% autonomous. Many doubt that Tesla, and its CEO Elon Musk in particular, can deliver on that promise. If the radar does return, it is likely that today’s vehicles are becoming obsolete faster than expected.

Yet another reason to wait before buying a Tesla, especially if it’s a Model 3.

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