On Windows, Apple Music and Apple TV are about to get easier to use

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Access to Apple services is about to become democratized in Windows. Apple Music and Apple TV see their applications land. A new app will also let you manage your iPad or iPod.

Source: The Verifier

If you’ve ever used iTunes on a Windows PC, you must have found that the experience is, shall we say, underwhelming. It’s normal, since 2019, iTunes has been separated into various apps, Apple Music, Apple TV, etc. But only for macOS users.

According to the verifier (via mac rumors), Windows users will not need to switch to the Apple-branded operating system to use their services properly. In fact, the Israeli site has seized pre-release versions of Apple Music and Apple TV. Until now it was absolutely necessary to go through a browser to access these services, which is not very practical. Apple Music will let you save your music locally for offline listening, and of course, manage your library and playlists.

Source: The Verifier

An app to manage Apple products

If you want to recover an iPhone or manage your Apple products and you have a Windows PC, you may need to use iTunes. However, as we said earlier, the app is a bit outdated and its use seems very archaic in 2023.

Source: The Verifier

A new app should appear in the Windows Store. Called “Apple Devices” for “Apple Devices,” it should let you manage your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, install iOS versions, back up, or even hard reset a device. Access to internal storage also had to go through this.

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