On WearOS, Nuki now allows opening doors without a smartphone

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The Nuki app for WearOS receives a new version. With it, it’s now possible to unlock your connected lock directly from a wrist command… no smartphone required.

The new version of the Nuki app for Wear OS is capable of great things // Source: Nuki

Do you have a connected Nuki Smart Lock and a connected watch with Wear OS? Bingo, you will now be able to unlock your door directly using a touch control displayed on your wrist. In fact, Nuki has announced the update of its application for Wear OS. With its new version 2023.3.1, the app now allows you to control the brand’s locks with a connected watch… and nothing else.

This is important because it means that your watch can now communicate directly with your lock via a Bluetooth connection. Until then, it was still necessary to go through a smartphone to unlock. The latter then acted as an intermediary between the clock and the lock.

Unlocking can now do without a smartphone

In concrete terms, it is no longer necessary to have a smartphone with you in all circumstances to unlock a Nuki lock. Suitable if you want to run without restrictions, or to go away for a moment to get the mail, for example.

Also note that if your phone is connected to the Internet, it will also be possible to open or lock your connected lock remotely, always from your Wear OS watch. Perfect for letting someone in when you’re not home, particularly. In this case, a security request will be displayed to prevent any unintentional unlocking.

Source: Nuki

This new version 2023.3.1 of the Nuki app also benefits from a slightly redesigned interface and offers a new tile for Wear OS. Regarding its availability, it is already available on Samsung Galaxy watches but also on the Google Pixel Watch and on certain Fossil, Skagen, Citizen or MontBlanc models.

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