Nvidia announces a conference focused on what will earn you the most

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Nvidia shared a statement a few days ago setting the stage for its upcoming GTC conference. On the programme: AI, Metaverse, language models, robotics or the Cloud… so many central topics that offer great economic prospects for the firm.

Jensen Huang introducing the GeForce RTX 4090, in September 2022 // Source: Nvidia

Six months after the launch of its Ada Lovelace (GeForce RTX 4000) graphics cards, Nvidia will soon hold its traditional GPU Technology Conference (also known as GTC). The event was the subject of a press release a few days ago that revealed the main lines of what will be discussed between March 20 and 23. In this case, Nvidia should talk about almost everything that has been exciting the professional and business sector for months: understanding AI, the Metaverse, language models, robotics or even the unstoppable cloud. So many financially buoyant technological areas for the chameleonic brand.

En tout, et comme le précise Nvidia dans son communiqué, l’évènement devrait réunir plus de 250 000 people sur les quatre jours (physically et virtuellement), mais aussi permettre plus de 650 sessions animées par des chercheurs, des développeurs et des représentants du industrial sector. Registrations are possible at this address.

AI more central than ever, and Nvidia can rub its hands on it

«This is the most extraordinary moment we have witnessed in the history of AI“, for his part, commented Jensen Huang, emblematic leader of Nvidia. “New and rapidly spreading AI technologies and their adoption are transforming science and industry and opening up new frontiers for thousands of new businesses. This will be our most important GTC to date“, continues the interested party.

It must be said that through ChatGPT, AI benefits from a rare focus of attention among the general public, but also from a growing interest among technological giants, more aware than ever of its potential in a myriad of domains. . For Nvidia, a former master of the art of building dedicated AI GPUs, this context is particularly ripe for staging an extraordinary GTC.

This 2023 edition should bring together many partners of the brand, linked both to the technology market and to the automotive and industrial sectors. We highlight in particular Meta, Netflix, IBM, Siemens, Microsoft, Google, Pixar, Samsung, VMWare, TSMC, Amazon Robotics, AWS, ByteDance, Dell, Epic Games, Ford, General Motors, the Jaguar Land Rover group, Lockheed Martin, Shell or even the United States Space Force… to name just a few.

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