now, you necessarily need an iPhone or iPad to configure it

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A recent update to tvOS, Apple TV’s operating system, requires users to bring an iPhone or iPad to accept the new iCloud terms of service. A limitation that does not happen in social networks.

The Apple TV 4K of 2022
The Apple TV 4K of 2022 // Source: Tristan Jacquel for Frandroid

A user has made known his dissatisfaction with an Apple TV that he had purchased. For some time now, his multimedia box has asked him to bring his iPad or iPhone to accept the new iCloud general conditions of use.

Not all Apple TV users have an iPhone

media in english 9to5Mac reports the disappointment of a certain Chris on Twitter, who writes: “I have an Apple TV. I don’t have any other Apple devices. Not a. Every time I turn on the Apple TV I get this command now. The message in question says: “Accept the new terms and conditions using an iCloud-signed device with Apple ID […] Requires a device running iOS 16 or later, or iPadOS 16 or later.».

I have an Apple TV.

I don’t have any other Apple devices. Not one.

Every time I start the Apple TV, I get this message. @Apple What do you expect me to do about it?

— chris (@hugelgupf) January 16, 2023

9to5Macalso reports another notice that asks consumers to “update apple id settingswhile holding their iPhone close to Apple TV. The messages can, fortunately, be temporarily ignored, but it is observed that they often return until they are processed. This blocks some functions in the meantime.

In response to the above tweet, an Apple security engineer, Dan Underwood, asked: “christo report the problem in the Apple TV feedback form. Given the popularity of the tweet, the brand’s support account responded to several Twitter users to invite them to contact them.

Even longtime iPhone and iPad users get sidelined

Until recently, Apple TV could be used completely on its own — it’s a standalone device, not an accessory. Previously, you could manage your Apple ID through a web browser on any device, especially since it’s still casual.

If Apple thinks that all the owners of one of its TV boxes have an iPhone or an iPad, this is not the case for everyone: some only have a Mac as well. On top of that, not everyone has a recent Apple smartphone or tablet: some may have models that don’t support iOS 16 or iPadOS 16.

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Apple TV 4K (2022)

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